French Style Pampering at Jean Claude Biguine

Want to be pampered like the French? Then, Jean Claude Biguine Unisex salon is the place for you, don’t worry about it being ‘high budget’. It’s affordable, and worth every penny.

Jean-Claude Biguine hairstyling section of the salonJean-Claude Biguine hairstyling section of the salon

For most women, getting a makeover means weeks of pondering over lifestyle publications searching for the “right look”. The correct shade of nail polish, the facial that would work wonders for the skin, and of course the hairdo that’ll turn many a heads. The minute you walk into Jean Claude Biguine, in the Collective you know that you are going to leave not just looking beautiful, but also feeling beautiful.  

Located on the first floor of ‘The Collective’ in Vittal Mallya Road, I walked in to Jean Claude Biguine with my hair looking like as though a cyclone had visited it, and its better that I do not talk about the state of my skin. I was greeted by Lawrence Dawson; the Salon’s Business Manager who walked me through the salon. “It’s basically divided into three basic sections. Starting with the hair division, next came in the nails, and the skin department wherein you have the facials as well as the body spas” said Dawson. After I mentioned to him, that I’ll be going on a vacation trip in the next couple of days, he said ‘let’s make you a rock star’.  One of the best aspects about all of Biguine’s treatments is that they use all of their in-house products which are one hundred percent organic. After examining my skin texture, Dawson said that he recommended an Oxygenating treatment. The facial was done with Biguine products which are made in France, which is available only in the salon as an in house product. It comes in a single use pack consisting of six different capsules or dosages. I was handed over to Sophia, who hands worked magic in a seven step oxidizing facial. The room in the salon where the facials and massage treatments are done is lit with aromatic fragrances, and soft music.  

Jean- Claude Biguine pedicure stationJean- Claude Biguine pedicure station

Sophia started with a welcome massage, of the face and shoulders. After which she progressed to cleansing the face, she used a sunflower exfoliater on the face and neck. The third step was application of oils made of orange leaves, applying which, the skin was exposed to mild steam. In the fourth step, she used a toning lotion, and in the fifth step Sophia used a glow serum. On the sixth step, wherein she used a sunflower seed extract face mask which was on the face for 30 minutes approximately, the effect of the mask and Sophia’s massage relaxes you completely. After the pack is washed off, a moisturizer is applied. This entire process takes about 75 minutes, and one will come out feeling fresh, and completely relaxed. Though all I wanted to do was curl up and sleep, Dawson reminded me that I needed to get my hair done. That’s when Santosh, one of the stylists came in, and took a look at my ravaged mane if you may. After looking through my stubborn frizzy curly hair, Santosh gave the verdict of a rejuvenating hair treatment from L’oreal called ‘Monodose’ which softened frizzy, dry hair and the use of ‘Marvelous’ hair oil, another Biguine product which smoothens the hair. Santosh washed my hair with the above mentioned products, and cut away the frizzy fly away hair, and voila my frizzy stubborn curls turned into smooth, sleek bouncy ones.  

Facials are the most popular treatment as we use our in-house products: Lawrence DawsonFacials are the most popular treatment as we use our in-house products: Lawrence Dawson

I went back to Sophia, for a French manicure, which Dawson proudly said is the best in the city. And once she was done with me, I had to agree, they were the best I’ve ever experienced. The manicure left my nails looking healthy, and shiny. While Sophia was busy filing away my nails, I got chatting with Dawson. “Specialists from France come down, and train the employees, and they are briefed and trained about the new trends and techniques every six months. None of our treatments are uniform. The only thing constant is the technique, the hair cuts are given according to the facial structure, age etc. Facials are the most popular treatment as we use our in-house products. For the nails we use OPI Nail Lacquer, all of which is made in Hollywood. All of our products except the facial package can be purchased at the salon” said Dawson. Jean-Claude Biguine is most well known for its French hair stylist Patrick Bezza, whose hands works pure magic on one’s hair. If one is looking for a haircut that should change the overall personality, Patrick is you’re man.
The hair cuts start from Rs. 475, and the facial costs about 1900 onwards. The ladies haircut starts from Rs.800, and the Kerastese ritual costs Rs. 1900. The manicure is priced at Rs. 500.    

Jean-Claude Biguine

The Collective, No. 40
Grant Road
Vittal Mallya Road, Bangalore -560001 Map

080 67678877
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Joshua Ravel May 10th, 2011 10:10 PM

Patrick is amazing so is Yogesh and Stacy!!!

Namita Sinha Feb 18th, 2011 07:10 PM

My first visit to JCB and I walked out very happy! Thier chirlf hairstylist Patrick is absolutely great - especially for someone like me with super short crop. Would love to go again and definitely recommend.

Lisa Forde Oct 03rd, 2010 09:55 PM

In India I researched all the expat chat rooms for salons in Bangalore and decided that a place called Jean Claude Biguine was the place to go blonder , french run and as per the receptionist “plenty of experience with western hair mam “ . It was a bloody nightmare , the french manager got one of his “expierenced“ lackies to do the job .....I should have walked out when I saw the colour of the managers “ yellow bleach “ crop  but didn’t . The highlights were put in but it took the guy 3 ½  hours just to finish the packs . By the time he finished the last few packs on the top of my head the back was burnt . After repeatidly asking him if he knew what he was doing and him consistantly saying yes “ mam “ I have done lots of western hair I summond the manager over who checked the back and immediatly rallied two staff to rinse the back but keep the top as the top was not cooked yet . 5 hours later I was sitting there getting a blow dry all I could see were patches of yellow colour on the top which had not taken properly and white friz on the under sections on the back ....lovely , just what I wanted . 
At this stage I just wanted to get out and believe my revenge for a shitty service and inability to correct the burnt hair will be an honest blog about the salon and a letter to L’Oreal who should not be putting their products into the hands of inexperienced stylists . The manager was hopless and instead of tut tutting at the state of the job his guy did he should have taken over hours earlier , bloody french I could have belted him . 

Josephine Nov 26th, 2009 11:37 AM

love this place!!! :)

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