I am pampered by my Directors: Aindrita Ray

Aindrita Ray is now the new face of sandalwood even though she does not have South Indian roots

Born in Rajathan, into a Bengali household and then living all over the country with her father being part of the Indian Air Force and now stepping into Sandalwood, Aindrita Ray comes from a background different from most other sandalwood actors. But with Manasaare she has now made a space for herself in the industry.

Manasaare, running full houses in theatres across the city, the actress seem to be in no mood to stop. Having worked for seven movies already (four of them are released), actor Aindrita Ray talks to ‘Mybangalore.com’, about her upcoming projects and her journey that got her to the movie industry.   

Tell us something about your life; your story with movies and your past. You were a model earlier...
Aindrita Ray. I was born in Udaipur, Rajasthan. I have spent my days as a child there, and then moved to Mumbai. There, I took up some advertising assignments, and did ads for some of the big brands like Cadbury and Parachute. But I was never serious about it till as time I saw my ad in a national television. But when the ad did come out, I was thrilled to look at myself. As they say, it’s a history after that.   
And how did you stumble upon Kannada Film Industry?
AR. My dad was in the Indian Air Force. So, being with him, it was more like moving from one place to another. But when we finally we moved to Bangalore and spent some time here, I started getting calls from producers from the movie industry. I thought I should give it a try. My first movie was Meravanige, which did pretty well. And then the story continued.  
You were a model earlier. Do you still have plans to continue that?  
AR. No, I want to work for movies at all times, but yes, if I have got enough time to spare some for modelling, I won’t mind doing that either. But time has been a factor now; movies keep me occupied now. There is hardly a time to think about modelling now.

How has been working in movies here?

AR. I have enjoyed every moment of my work here. I love Bangalore, and the people here are great, which is why I don’t want to relocate. I have got a very pleasant experience working in movies so far. People have been very co-operative, and have helped me a lot of understand the different nuances of movie industry.  
But, are you also open for movies from Bollywood?  
AR. Yes, of course I am. But I won’t go chasing for movies there; if it comes my way, and caters to me, I will surely take it up. But it’s important that I see how important my role is in the movie. I don’t want to do something, just for the sake of doing it. So far, I have got three offers, but I haven’t really taken it up.

Your latest movie, Manasaare, has done really well. How was it working for the movie?
AR. It was great. The director, Yogaraj Bhat, as well as Diganth had been very helpful, and they were very supportive all throughout the movie. What’s more was to see them pampering me. They treated me like a kid. It was great fun working with them. In fact, my directors have always treated me like a kid. I guess, I still look like a small teenage girl (laughs).   
Are you a script person?  
AR. Yes, very much. It’s important for me to understand what the script has for me. I will take up movies only after I read the script and understand the story thoroughly.   
Raunchy scenes are not something that is uncommon in movies here. We see it often, in fact in almost all the movies. So, if a script demands that, are you open to that as well?
AR.  Not that I haven’t done it. My first movie had some sensual scenes; my second movie, Junglee, had a few of it. In fact, songs of Junglee had shown me in a very glamorous way, almost all the songs had the glamour quotient in it. And it turned out to be a huge success.  

It’s important for me to see the script, and if it needs to show me in a particular way, I have to be open to that. But I will make sure that I am comfortable with the crew members, be it the director or the camera person. I think a bit of sensuality is fine in today’s movies.  

You are a student of dentistry. Does that continue or have you left it behind?
AR. Today, my focus is on movies. But my studies will continue surely when I am a bit free and can think about studies. But not for now.  
 So, where do we see you five years from now... will you still be in movies then, may be a super star?
AR. I like to move with the flow. For now, I don’t really know. Till yesterday, I have been a student of dentistry, and today I am avidly into movies. I guess, time will say that. I will have to wait and see on what’s been lined up for me.   
 What are the movies that are been stored in the pipeline?
AR. Dhool, which will be with Yogi; Januma Janumadallu with Prem Kumar; and Nooru Janmaku, directed by Nagathihalli are some of the movies that will be released soon.   

Quick Q’s for Miss Ray

You look young. Will you tell us your age?
AR. No (laughs).

Sin or Sex?
AR. Sin

Chocolates or ice cream?
AR. Chocolates

One night stands...
AR. It depends on the individual.

Love marriage or Arrange marriage?
AR. Love marriage.

Bollywood or Sandalwood?
AR. Sandalwood.  

One person you want to go out for a date...

AR. Josh Harnett, for sure.  
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i like your acting verymuch am your big fan

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