Puttur Students take the finals at Rural IT Quiz

Here come the winners, winners of the Final’s for the Rural I.T. Quiz Competition that was held on November 12 by the Department of I.T.B.T., Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka.

Team to win the finals was Philomena PU College from Puttur Team to win the finals was Philomena PU College from Puttur

The competition that was held in partnership with Tata Consultancy Services (T.C.S.), a private firm, saw not less than 14 lakh students actively participating in the program. The winners, however, were Ahmed Shabib & Nithesh Raj, students from Philomena P.U. College, Puttur.  

The quiz, which was a part of the Bangalore I.T. Biz 2009, celebrated its 10th Anniversary and was conducted for students of Standard 8-12. The final had four phases and had six teams competing amongst each other. The competition, to a much extent, proved the fact that a lot of these students studying in the interiors of Karnataka, too, are well versed when it comes to the who’s who of Information Technology and the latest in Computer Science.  

Having being a part of the competition for many years, now the organizers, too, feel that the quality of the participating students changed. Ashok Kumar C. Manoli, who is the Principal Secretary to Government Department of Information Technology, explains, “Over the years we have seen a great change in the standard of these students participating in this quiz competition. From seven lakh students participating in the competition earlier, this year we have had 14 lakh students’ participation. I think that gives the answer by and large. Atop, the intellectual level of the participating students has also changed over the years. He added, “Questions that were asked today were more on the professional level, but the way students responded to them, well, at least the most of it, it’s petty clear that even students studying in the rural Karnataka are well versed with the latest in the technology.”    
 The final round was a battle of brains and nerves as the teams battled for the top honors The final round was a battle of brains and nerves as the teams battled for the top honors

Gracing the occasion was none other than the very own, the former paceman of the Indian Cricket Team, Venkatesh Prasad. Prasad, who is also a native of Bangalore, echoed the same thoughts shared by Manoli. “I think the students were exceptional. I possibly couldn’t answer even a single of the questions asked, but it was a hearty feeling to see these students doing so well. I think, all of them need huge accolades from us for just being a part of it, because even qualifying here is nothing lesser than a robust task,” said Prasad. He further added, “I am really glad to have been a part of this competition, and I wish I.T. Biz all the best with their future endeavors for they are doing it great. I also congratulate T.C.S. for being a part of it. This will surely increase student’s in years’ to come.”  

Having won the competition, Nithesh, one of the winners, said, “It feels nice. All the hard work that has gone behind preparing for this competition has been finally paid. It’s a very proud moment for me, my friends and my family.” On this, his team partner, Ahmed said, “I had to get books from Bangalore for there are not a lot of things available in our place. My grand father helped me in getting those for me. There was a lot of hard work, but I’m glad that it has finally paid off.”    

But the competition was soon drifted away when it was the time for the national competition. The day also had a Special Invitation National Quiz Competition, where the Karnataka State winners competed with the T.C.S. I.T. Wiz Winners from Bhubaneshwar, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata and Kochi. It was the team from Kolkata (Anurag Sarkar and Vaarnan Drolia) who took the cake.   
For the Karnataka Rural I.T. Quiz Competition, the teams participating were from places like Dharwad, Mandya, Harihar, Tumkur, Bijapur and Puttur. To reach the finals, students from across the state were first short listed for the regional round, where 50 teams were selected and then the final six got to participate in the finals.     

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