Depicting social issues through cartoons

Posted by lavanyas013  |  12. November 2010

Cartoon depicting social issues by Satish YellapurCartoon depicting social issues by Satish Yellapur

“Commercialization is leading to the
suppression of the creative faculties of the youth. The need for making a living is forcing the commercialization of all art forms and this need to be controlled. In such a scenario, the efforts of cartoonists to sensitize the society and youth are very significant” said Mukhyamantri Chandru, popular cine artist and President of Kannada Development Authority at the inauguration of an exhibition of the cartoons of Satish Yellapur and MS Chethan at the Indian Cartoon Gallery, MG Road.

Chandru remarked that caricatures are vehicles of human and social transformation and they play a vital role in sensitization of the public on various issues. He said, “Every Indian art form has a tradition and cultural background to it and India is a global leader when it comes to creative art and culture. Cartoons are so effective that an epic can be told in one caricature,” He also assured his full support to the IIC in their initiatives to promote Kannada language through cartoons.   

Satish Yellapur, who started drawing cartoons in 1984, has so far contributed more than 1000 cartoons to Prajavani, Samyukta Karnataka, Tharanga, Sudha, Mayur, Karmaveera, Mangala. “My childhood was spent practicing cartoons of RK Laxman. Among Kannada cartoonists, I love the works of Narendra, R Murthy, Gujjar and KR Swamy. Through all the practice, I have developed my own style.” states Satish Yellapur.

Satish Yellapur said that the menace of plastic waste has tormented the places of tourist interests to such an extent that he had to theme his current collection of caricatures on the hazards of plastic waste. “If this exhibition could result in the recycling of at least plastic bags, then the purpose of the present caricatures would be fulfilled,” he added.

MC Chethan is an enthusiastic animator who has used software to his advantage. His works are varied and based on people and situations. “Social issues are topmost,” says the Ken School of Art graduate. “I am appalled at traffic problems, flash floods and congestion. He admits his childhood aspiration was to become a cartoonist, inspired by the great RK Laxman and Uderzo and Goscinny,” says Chethan. 

Indian Institute of Cartoonists is an organization, first of its kind in India, established with the aim of promoting the art of cartooning in the country. The Institute, based in Bangalore, aims to recognize talents in the field of cartooning and reward them, showcase and preserve their art for future generations, guide young and budding cartoonists and above all, popularize the art among the masses. 
About 30 select cartoons and comic installations of Satish Yellapur and 29 caricatures of MC Chethan are on display at the exhibition. The exhibition will be on for public till 20th November 2010 at The Indian Cartoon Gallery.

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