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Fish spa, emu farming, organic market and more at Krishi Mela

Krishi Mela being held at GKVK campus witnessed more than one lakh people on day one. The annual farming expo had about 540 stalls showcasing the latest in agricultural technology, methodologies, organic produce from across the State.

Fish spa, emu farming, organic market and more at Krishi MelaFish spa, emu farming, organic market and more at Krishi Mela

Krishi Mela 2010, the annual farming
expo, was inaugurated at the Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra (GKVK) in Bangalore on Thursday. The latest in agriculture technology, methodologies, crop strains, organic produce from across the state will be showcased in nearly 400 stalls. "Visitors will be taken on an educational tour around the 1,300-acre campus and shown the varieties of crops being cultivated on campus. They will also be introduced to the latest experiments the university is conducting," said Dr L Ramakrishna Rao, a senior professor at the university.

"This year, we are exhibiting four varieties of hybrid crops. Special attention will also be given to organic farming. There will be an information cell where farmers can get details on all aspects including credit schemes that they can avail," said Dr K Narayana Gowda, vice-chancellor, University of Agricultural Sciences.
Among other attractions are the integrated farming system that allows for poultry farming, fish rearing, rabbit rearing, growing flowering crops, vegetables, cereals pulses, and timber-yielding trees in a single hectare of land. Two agriculturists each (one man and a woman) from 17 districts will be recognized and honored for their outstanding work. The Corp and MH Marigowda awards will also be given away during the occasion.

Also this year's edition of Krishi Mela will showcase, among other things, the fish varieties that are used for fish pedicure, a phenomenon that is gaining popularity among beauty therapists and spa-goers. The fish pedicure involves placing the feet in a tank filled with fish that eat the dead tissue, leaving the feet softened. The pavilion would also showcase emu farming, as the rearing of this big bird variety is becoming popular among farmers. According to Dr. Seenappa, 10 to 12 big emu farms, having 100 to 200 birds each, have come up in areas around Bangalore. Each bird would fetch about Rs. 40,000, he noted.

The mela would also present new concepts such as organic waste recycle fish ponds in which a variety of fish would survive by eating plants and its excreta would become food for another variety of fish. Similarly, there is “duck-fish farming” under which the duck survived by eating insects while its excreta would be the main food for the fish.
Krishi Mela is being held at Gandhi Krishi Vignana Kendra (GKVK) campus from November 12 - 15

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tallam sunil Mar 01st, 2011 10:35 PM

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Vamsi Feb 17th, 2011 11:08 AM

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Puttappa Nov 14th, 2010 12:38 AM

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