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I You – Working towards the upliftment of underprivileged children in Bangalore

Brain child of Megha Harish, a class X student of National Public School, ‘I You’, is a kid to kid project for developing self confidence among lesser privileged children in Bangalore.

Megha Harish with Kids at AnanyaMegha Harish with Kids at Ananya

Spreading self confidence and
building communication skills among underprivileged children is an integral part of ‘I You’ project. This is a Kid –To-Kids project for developing self confidence among lesser privileged children in Bangalore; based on the premise that being able to demonstrate that they are good at something is key to building self confidence. Low self esteem is one of the root causes for most self-inflicted social ills today. Alcoholism, drug addiction is all self-inflicted and low self-esteem causes unhappiness and insecurity.

This program was conceived by Megha Harish, a class X Student of National Public School of Bangalore. She believes that kid to kid interaction is drastically different from adult to kid interaction and that’s how this initiative is different from the others. Megha works with children of Ananya Foundation, a unique, residential, educational organization / NGO on Sarjapur Road. Having studied in Singapore and Australia, Megha says global exposure and diverse interests have built her own confidence and she wanted to be able to share that with those less fortunate than her. This is what has led her to do this project- ‘I You’.

Magic Show to entertain the kidsMagic Show to entertain the kids

“I had been to the 10th anniversary event of Dream a Dream Foundation and was so inspired to see all the kids there. That’s when I decided to do something about it. Though kids from the underprivileged sector are being educated today, they lack the confidence to escape the vicious cycle that they’re stuck in or express themselves completely. They don’t believe that there’s scope for improvement in their lifestyles.  Based on the Kid to kid interaction, rather than adult to kid, I You tries to build a layer of self confidence and help them integrate into mainstream society,” explains Megha.

The project focuses on addressing lack of self confidence, one of the key elements that prevent children from the lesser privileged background to excel. Megha says, “The project works on 5 basic themes - Public speaking to build communication skills and body language, group discussions on simple topics, goal setting is an important confidence building technique, simple magic tricks for kids are phenomenal for improving self esteem and most importantly rhythm and movement activities,”  

Recently an innovative event was held at Ananya. Sky lanterns (also called Chinese paper lanterns traditionally found in some Asian cultures) were lit and sent up to the night sky as the children were asked to articulate their goals and wishes and send them skyward “It is considered good luck to release a sky lantern, and many believe they are symbolic of good luck and all our worries floating away. Also the sky lanterns evening was an articulation of the goal setting objective,” points out Megha.

She further adds, “As part of Rhythm and Movement, Brinda Jacob Javier of Studio for Movement Arts and Therapies conducted a workshop with the children to instill pride and confidence in them. We plan to invite someone every week to educate and keep the children motivated. We have about thirty volunteers from different schools in Bangalore who spend their time with the children teaching them various activities. As of now we teach a group of 10 – 12 students but in the future we plan to help more students,”
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usman May 07th, 2012 11:56 AM

ur doing awesome job guys .......i wud like to join u

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