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The ‘Aquafest’ seafood festival at Karavalli

Karavalli announces its much-awaited annual Seafood festival from 12th November – 21st November 2010. The Karavalli will showcase the finest seafood known to Bangaloreans cooked in gourmet styles reminiscent of the countryside cuisine.

Aquafest seafood festival at KaravalliAquafest seafood festival at Karavalli

Karavalli, the specialty restaurant at
the The Gateway Hotel started 20 years ago and today has acquired a special niche for itself in the hearts of a myriad of sea food lovers, a substantial percentage of who are frequent travelers to Bangalore who insist on having a meal at the Karavalli before they return. Karavalli salutes the unstinted support from all seafood lovers and announces its Annual Seafood festival – THE AQUAFEST- from the 12th November-21st of November 2010.

Karavalli or the land by the sea stretches from the rugged coastline of Kerala to the sand drenched beaches of Goa on the West Coast of India. As spectacular and surprising, as the countryside is the cuisine of its many communities, which are confined by and large to family kitchens until Karavalli at the The Gateway Hotel captured and showcased them.

At the Aqua fest, witness the delectable cuisine of the bunts of Mangalore, the Coorgs, the Malayalees, and the Portuguese of Goa, especially created from the wealth of local spices, red chilies, coconut, pepper, fresh fish, meats and vegetables of the coast. Moreover to capture them perfectly the chefs at Karavalli have trained in the kitchens of traditional homes and still continue to procure ingredients from the original source like perfectly smoked Kodumpuli from Kerala, Toddy Vinegar from Goa, and Koondapur Coconut for their firm white flesh. For the final touches of authenticity wood and charcoal fires are still used.

A fishing village awaits you and the irresistible aromas will transport you to the coast. Such dazzling coastal cuisine with an array of local spices and coconut milk will most certainly make the Aqua fest remembered for a long long time. Some of the popular  dishes on the menu are denji masala fry  (A typical Crab preparation from Mangalore), lobster peera patichathu (Chunks of Lobster cooked with coarsely ground coconut, spices, and Kodampuli), sunkat jeera meera  (Tiger Prawns cooked in masala enhanced with freshly pounded Peppers and cumin) and karimeen chuttully  (Syrian style Pearlspot fish marinated with local spices, wrapped in banana leaf with shallots and tomato masala and shallow fried) are all just a glimpse of the magic being dished out by chef Naren Thimmaiah.

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