Venture Tuesday: Online Catalogues – Platform to showcase your business online

Online Catalogues started by entrepreneur Rajesh Rajan is a platform for business owners to showcase their products online for as little as Rs.24, 990.

Online Catalogues – Platform to showcase your business onlineOnline Catalogues – Platform to showcase your business online

With advent of the Internet, doing business
online is more popular than ever. More people are accustomed to ordering items that will be delivered by mail and this has opened the door for many small time businesses to set shop online. Today, entrepreneurs have access to a host of packaged e-commerce programs, online experts for hire, and most importantly a global market-place that allows small businesses to grow. Equipped with the right tools, resources and expertise, the time has never been better for small business owners to take the plunge and make the move.

Online Catalogues started by entrepreneur Rajesh Rajan is an unique opportunity for very small, small and medium size business in India to get online and start an ecommerce website for as little as Rs.24,990. “We believe this is an excellent opportunity for any Indian business to establish their online store to take advantage of the growing Indian Internet marketplace. An Online Catalogue helps the business not only to set up an ecommerce store but also an interactive online catalogue that helps them in both retail and wholesale sale. The Catalogue can take orders as well as enquiries. With a simple to use product management system it is very easy to use and with built in invoicing, stock keeping and product analytics it helps the retailers’ understand purchase trends and product popularity,” Says Rajesh.

Rajesh RajanRajesh Rajan, CEO, Online Catalogues
Online Catalogues is a hosted solution, popularly known as SAAS model (Software As A Service). It consists of a Free Domain Name, Unlimited email ids and an online catalogue with a built in shopping cart that can have upto 1000 Products. Once the retailer pays the one time set up fee of Rs.24, 990 there is a recurring fee of Rs.4990/- payable annually. This is for domain renewal, hosting, maintenance and upgrades to their ecommerce website. All Online Catalogues come with unlimited bandwidth.  

Rajesh who has been into building websites and consulting on internet marketing for the last 10 years for businesses across United Kingdom and Canada says, “ We noticed that the website for most retailers and product brands were a dead end if the customer was not able to purchase the product online on the brands website. This led us to developing robust e-commerce solutions for our clients’ world over. Our main focus has been to keep it simple and easy to use,”  

In the next 12 months, Rajesh hopes to reach out to as many as 800-1000 small businesses such as boutiques, fashion designers, manufacturers, artists, craftsmen, bakers, florists, importers, traders, distributors etc. They also plan to partner with other Indian payment gateways and loyalty programs to help the retailers better their service. Their motive is to educate and enable businesses to stop or reduce printing their product catalogues and move towards a more economical and eco friendly system that also enables their customers to make purchases.

Talking about the initial market response, he says, “The response has been tremendous. Though it has been launched in Bangalore our response has been mainly from Tamil Nadu in the south and from States such as Orissa, UP, Maharashtra, Punjab and West Bengal towards the north. We have had numerous requests for installment payment options, though we don’t have one in place as yet, it is something we are considering,”
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