Venture Tuesday: Pet problems? Drop yours at this castle-like canine crèche

Petspace offers a boarding facility for pets. They also organize birthday parties for pooches, complete with party games and return gifts, so just drop your pooches off for a day or let them play long-stay guests at a daycare centre close to you

Pet problems? Drop yours at this castle-like canine crèchePet problems? Drop yours at this castle-like canine crèche

You no longer have to worry about
leaving your four-legged furry friends at home when you go to work or even on a vacation. There are many pet crèches and daycare centres in the city, but Petspace is centrally located amidst lush greenery on Sarjapur Road just 1km from Wipro Corporate office. Petspace is designed to meet the socialization, exercise, and developmental needs of dogs from 8 weeks through adulthood. The 9000 sq.ft facility provides a fun, safe and upscale environment for dogs to play and receive lots of love and attention.  

Hema Deepak, who left her cushy job in the IT field to start this facility, is an avid dog lover for whom running the boarding centre is more of a hobby than a business. She says, “I’ve always been passionate about dogs. I’m from Coorg and was raised with lots of dogs of all kinds. Also I have cared for pets while family and friends have gone away on vacation so that’s how I decided to start Petspace. It was a natural progression as I’ve always wanted to do something that interested me,” 

Boarding facility at PetspaceBoarding facility at Petspace

Hema's dogged determination helped her setup Petspace within a span of just nine months. Explaining about the services provided at the centre she says, “We provide day care for clients wishing to drop their dogs off in the morning and pick them up in the evening, as well as boarding facilities. We also serve food to suit the individual needs of the dog. We have caretakers living on the campus, so that the dogs have someone to tend to throughout the day,” 

Hema Deepak, OwnerHema Deepak, Owner, Petspace
The boarding centre has 12 kennels with snug beds for dogs that stay overnight. They have hourly, weekly and monthly plans which are all very reasonably priced. Petspace also offer a variety of other services including training and counselling. “We also ensure the dogs’, as well as the family's well-being through our free pet education classes, pre-pet, post-pet and behavioural counselling sessions. All requests and concerns are addressed promptly and we make sure the pet owners know how their pets are progressing on a regular basis. We are also an accredited pet sitter from Pet Sitters International, USA,” points out Hema.

At Petspace they also organize parties and fun outings for pets. “If it’s your pet’s birthday or you want to celebrate, all you have to do is let us know. From cake to treats to games, we will organize everything. It is a great opportunity for the dogs to mingle with other each other and also have fun. Also on Sundays we plan to organize a meet for all the pet-lovers in the city. We want to provide a platform for them to connect here. And the first such meeting will be held on November 14,” she adds.

Before the dogs are checked-in at the centre they are subjected to a thorough medical examination to ensure they are free of infections. All dogs that board at Petspace will have to take a one-time compulsory temperament test. “This will give us a peek into the temperament of the dog to ascertain the play group that he can belong to.  We want to ensure that Petspace will be a happy, comfortable space for the dog. During the evaluation we will introduce the dog to our handlers as well as a small group of similarly sized dogs to observe the interaction. The evaluation typically takes 2 hours,” Says Hema.

Hema also plans to set up a cattery in the near future. "I simply adore cats and we have a secluded area on our campus away from the dogs. It's just been two weeks since I started Petspace and so far the response has been overwhelming. Also we plan to make it a one-stop shop for pet care," she says.
Prices: Rs 250 per day and Rs 4, 000 for a month of day care and Rs. 350 for overnight boarding (Inclusive of food) To know more log on to or call 9900020364

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