Jaago Re: India’s fight against Corruption

Tata Tea launches an extensive campaign against corruption by re-launching, and the 34 day bus journey,Tata Tea Vrath Yatra commemorating Anti-Corruption Day on December 9.

Traditional Folk dancers kick starting the Vrath Yatra against corruption at the Lalit Ashok HotelTraditional Folk dancers kick starting the Vrath Yatra against corruption at the Lalit Ashok Hotel

‘Aaj se khilana band Pilana Shuru’ will empower every ordinary Indian citizen to believe he can get his work done without having to pay a bribe. Tata tea launched an integrated campaign- ‘Khilana Band, Pilana Shuru’ in August this year with a promise to come back on Anti-Corruption Day and take the campaign to the next level. In concurrence with that promise, Tata Tea launched a Corruption Index, a three- city study to bring out the perceptions of the citizens, across socio-economic classes, about corruption and its impact on the social and economic fibre of society in the nation. The movement leans towards sensitizing the youth against corruption. Sushant Dash, the Associate President of Marketing at Tata Tea said to the press, “tea is generally conceived as a wake up drink, but now it should be a cause towards social awakening, especially of the youth”.   
On Global Anti- Corruption day, which falls on December 9, Tata Tea launched its website which was synonymous with voting applications last year. The re launched web portal which facilitates the flow of information and resources and resources between individuals/ groups/ organizations. It aims to bring together, onto a common platform, those who possess information and resources and those who need them. The crux of the campaign was the Tata Tea Jaago Re Vrath Yatra- a 38-day bus journey across the country to connect with the youth and urge them to pledge against corruption. The Vrath Yatra, was flagged off by Justice Santosh Hegde, Lokayukta, Karnataka State and Sangeeta Talwar, Executive Director, Tata Tea.
The jaagore website is interactive, for both NGO’s as well as individualsThe jaagore website is interactive, for both NGO’s as well as individuals
Speaking on the occasion Hegde joked, “the Lokayukta runs a similar project, though the difference is that our budget sometimes doesn’t allow us to afford a couple of cups of tea”. Speaking on a more serious note, Hegde said that corruption is one of the biggest hindrances to the development of our country. “We have had cases where senior IPS, and IAS officers were caught accepting bribe, and corruption is not contained only to politics, its runs deep in educational institutions as well. US $ 1456  billion was uncovered at Swiss banks, the kind of money can remove India’s international debt three times over. With the kind of work we do, last year alone, I spoke at 127 educational institutions telling them against corruption” added Hegde.
Justice Hegde, and Sangeeta Talwar launching the Rath YatraJustice Hegde, and Sangeeta Talwar launching the Rath Yatra

Talwar gave quoted numbers released a three city survey by AC Nielson, called the ‘Jaago Re Corruption Index’. The key findings included that Bangalore ranked corruption slightly higher than Mumbai or Delhi as a challenge. Only 7% of the respondents agreed to have bribed in last one month. Bribing evidence was highest in Bangalore with 11 % of the respondents have agreed to have given bribe in the last one month. In Delhi and Mumbai, the figures were 6% and 5% respectively. A whooping number of 46% of the respondents said that they wouldn’t mind giving bribe if their work is getting done faster and without hassles. Again, Bangalore topped the list with 53% of the respondents willing to give bribe for speedy completion of their work. It was 43% in Mumbai and 41% in New Delhi.
Over the last couple of months the organization has collected over 1.8 lakh pledges against corruption through various routes including the internet, mobile, retail and even schools.
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SIVA PRASAD AENUGULA Apr 04th, 2011 04:12 PM

Dear friend,
This is SIVA PRASAD  Asst Executive Engineer  GNSS Div  in Irrigation department in Andhra Pradesh at Proddatur town in Kadapa district , had been fighting against crimes and corruption for last 25 years. Went to police custody  21 times and faced remand in jails 3 times since I questioned corruption and tried a lot to recover more than 250000 million rupees into Govt accounts.  Why because in India any body can purchase justice on bribes. A few only ie like our Hon'ble Prime Mister Sri Man Mohan Singh try to live 

sam Feb 25th, 2011 03:10 PM

dear friends,
Corruption is the undisputed leader of our problems. Almost 80%   resources are gulped by this social disease. If Gandhi ji could find solution to far greater problem like our freedom why not we find one for corruption. One motivational theme is suggested here

Haridas Mandal Feb 13th, 2011 05:31 PM

In one of the interviews most probably in LOKSABHA TV Prof Yaspal suggested that teachers be exempted from election duties as absence of the teachers directly effect the quality of education. In response the other invited learned participant ( a senior bureaucrats , almost rebuked Prof Yaspal saying it is mandated ). Exactly in the similar way corruption is considered mandated by anybody holding any office in India be it a private or a public servant.
And it is all because of a written constitution which bestows discretionery powers to people holding any office. One may argue without any discretionery powers no govt or any private organisation can function effectively I will certainly not support their myopic views.
On the other hand one may argue human is to err and such thing despite all effective measyres will happen. What we need therefore is an independent investigating agency eg the police , the CID, the Vigilance , the CBI , the Prosecuting counsells and the Judiciary. In the present set which is a hotch potch of everything wrong has reduced the policing to investigation to prosecution to conviction to punishment a farce . Here KOLIes ( the servants of Pandhers ) get easily convicted and PANDHERS get extonerated by OUR LORDSHEEPS with the help of  NARCO TESTS reports whereas in other Narco tests are discarded by the CBI being not trustworthy.
Yatha Raja Tatha Praja - says the proverb. We need therefore need to elect our representatives as we want and compel them to rewrite the constitution as we want. It will have cascading effect on OUR LORDSHEEPS, OUR BURA CATS , OUR IPS.COM  and all municipal to village employees. Unless we achieve that we will fight VACCUM and nothing else.

neeraj verma Jan 13th, 2011 05:53 PM

bharat barsh se bharstachar ko mitane ke liye ek KRANTI ki jarurt hai aao mill kar in bharstchrion ko nanga karain  
      jai hind  jai bharat

Rex Sep 12th, 2010 11:43 PM

Dear indian, 
Corruption is the most dangerous virus and a hindrance for every cevilisation and developement of the country, today every sort of undevelopping is from the souce of corruption. 
With this i would like to bring to the knowledge of every concern citizen that open rampant corruption is happening in the check gate of India and Nepal border, Gorakhpur -sanowli. 
Recently i went to visit Nepal i was shock to know that the the first check from the excise demanding some 100 Rupees for no reasons i ask to check my luggage... they will not but insist one to pay something... else i can not cross, after 30minutes of  arguments end up paying 100bugs, surprisingly i have to face the same situation just after fews steps just before the crossing gate with the police this time.. i was looted 150 Rs for i have to cross border and get bus to kahtmandu. I have came to the knowledge from other friends too that, they have face the same situation, they have to pay Rs 50-200 for personal camera, laptop etc, i have no idea whome i can talk or complain but quite sorry for the Indain police who were paid salary seems not satisfied, they are suppose to protect and not pretext the public.  they feel no shame nor any fear to demand many like the gangsters.

Ashok Kumar Rastogi Sep 10th, 2010 11:00 PM

Dear friends,
corruption has slowed down the speed of our progress. It has become a part of our system. If any officer/employee becomes habitual of taking bribe,he does not want to do any work without taking bribe. The government has its solution but has no strong determination to eradicate it. If corrupt officials are given compulsary retirement and punishment both then they will think several times before becoming corrupt.

AGoel Apr 14th, 2010 09:39 AM

Dear friends,
Corruption is the undisputed leader of our problems. Almost 80%   resources are gulped by this social disease. If Gandhi ji could find solution to far greater problem like our freedom why not we find one for corruption. One motivational theme is suggested here

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