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Food review: PING for Dim Sum!

The food scene in Bangalore really begins to come of age, and PING with its large Dim Sum spread is the latest in the city’s bespoke culinary bouquet.

Golden Money Bag Dim Sum at PING!Golden Money Bag Dim Sum at PING!
Dim Sum,  so far,  in the city has been something that you order, as h'ors dourves or a starter and something that we hardly imagined could actually constitute a full meal, but at PING, this is exactly what happens. But, to be fair, it was a meal that was enjoyable with its exciting variety. “Dim Sum” translates into “ touching the heart” and consists of small plates where a variety of these bites come to you in dumplings, which are either steamed or fired. These are served traditionally in little bamboo steamers and about 6 pieces are served per helping. 

Most traditional cultures offer its version of the bespoke Indian “nashta” or snacks over tea.There is the Lebanese version in the “Mezze” and the Spanish version in “tapas” which normally goes with drinks. So also, the Chinese have what is called “Yum Cha” which of course means – drinking tea. It is believed to have started in the Canton province of China, where tea houses began selling snacks with the selection of fine Chinese teas. What Ping does, is opens up the city’s sensibilities to a traditional Chinese experience.

Ping, has its prime location just off 100 feet road, Koramangala,  (opposite E-Zone¬) and part of a stand alone nice white single storey bungalow, with a charming area to sit outside and enjoy your dessert. There is nothing extraordinary in its interiors, though it does have a bright and welcoming space. But, it however does have an open plan kitchen which is always a nice touch in a dining space.

Spicy Chicken on SkewersSpicy Chicken on Skewers

We sat down to a lovely pot of Jasmine tea, brewed just right and with a lovely leaf fragrance; and was very refreshing. After which while pouring through their decently elaborate menu, with its really wide variety of Dim Sum, we decided it was going to be a long meal for sure.  Our meal started off with a delicious clear vegetable pepper soup which was served with a  delicate fried spinach wanton as a little crunch to go along with the soup. 

What a Yum Cha at Ping entails, is that you are offered a Selection of 16 Dim Sum, from which you choose 5 items you would like to try. This is then served to you in unlimited quantities. Though I will add a small rider, getting through it can be quite a task. There were two of us eating at Ping and between us we had 10 items. The idea really is to go in a group is to go in a group or with atleast one other person, so that you can try more items from the selection. From the vegetarian selection we tried the Vegetable Gyoza, Pan fried Vegetable Bun, and deep fired Vegetable Wontons, the Gyoza the distinct fresh vegetables seasoned with sesame oil are quite nice. I have never really been convinced about vegetable Dim sum, but the ones served at Ping were actually quite tasty with distinct flavours in all. 

Spicy Soya and Basil Dumplings Spicy Soya and Basil Dumplings

From the non-vegetarian menu, the Prawn tail & Napa Cabbage dim was by far the most delicious Dim sum served. It comes moist and delicately seasoned with the flavour of the fresh vegetable stock. The Chicken Bun has a stuffing of chicken mince, peppered and lightly seasoned with the ginger, the Threaded Chicken Dumpling was an absolute treat and unusual in not just its appearance but taste too. We also tried the Lamb and ginger Wotip which is a steamed and Pan Fried dumpling, again the Ginger flavour melted in with the lamb, the Lemon Grass chicken came served on a lemon grass stick like a spicy patty. 

Other Dim Sum that are part of the ala carte menu, include a fish and shitake mushroom dumpling, Prawn and Bamboo shoot Har Gau, a Spicy soya and Basil Dim sum, and a Pan friend Chicken and Chive bun, Pan Fried Prawn Dim Sum, Banana Leaf wrapped Spicy Grilled Chicken  . There are over 40 variety of Dim sum that Ping serves, which also allows you the option of trying out their ala carte menu and making your own Dim sum platter. These are available steamed, pan fried, fried, baked and even grilled. 

Ping has quite a wide dessert menu to choose from and we opted from a Blueberry Cheese Cake which clearly holds its own in a city where most places do serve up quite tasty versions.; we tried this along a Lemon Meringue Pie that was more like a tart than a meringue pie, but was quite divine none the less.

PING, at Koramangala PING, at Koramangala

The name Ping is derived from the Chinese alphabet character that represents “of the highest standard”, and reflects an individual's refined tastes and ability to discern the finer things in life. What Ping, incidentally, also refers to in the stuffing inside a Dim sum. Clearly, the restaurant is quite sure about what it does, considering the quality of the Dim sum we tried were really quite delicious. 

On all weekdays, there is service to Yum Cha at P!ng, its Dim Sum and Tea Lunch, with new varieties of Dim Sum every week and is priced at Rs 350 plus taxes. The meal is served with complimentary servings of Soup, Chinese Jasmine Tea and Dessert.

Blueberry Cheesecake at PingBlueberry Cheesecake at Ping

Ping also has an extensive a la carte menu of Chinese dishes with  all time favourites like  Black Peppered Lamb, Exotic Chinese Greens, Yu Xian Bamboo Shoots. Also Miso Soup, Chengdu Broccoli, Eight TreasureTofu. 

Another highlight on the menu is the selection of Bubble Teas in a variety of flavours, popular in restaurants in the far- east. The bubble teas are flavoured ice – tea that contains Tapioca Pearls, imported from Singapore are supposed to feel like bubbles in the mouth, and so the name.  
PING is open all days of the week for lunch from 12:00 noon to 3pm and for dinner from 7:00 pm to 11:30 pm. An average full course meal for two costs Rs.800 plus taxes (without alcohol)
For Reservations: 080 41521773/ 9845579320/ 9986050050


130 1st Cross, KHB Colony,
Opp: E-Zone, 5th Block
Koramangala, Bangalore -560095 Map

080 41521773/ 9845579320

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