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Tetley for a Tulsi Cause

The tie-up aims to reconnect tulsi with urban India as Re.1 from each pack of Tetley Tulsi-Lemon sold will go towards planting of tulsisaplings.

Tulsi has long been a part of India's rich health heritage, and due to newer products in the market this wonder herb and its properties have taken a back seat. Tetley with Parampara hope to change this and revive the use of Tulsi for wellness in Indian homes again. 
In an effort to reconnect urban India to tulsi, the queen of herbs, Tetley, the world’s second largest branded tea company, and Parampara, the Chennai based NGO working towards re-connecting urban India with its traditions and heritage, have come together on an unique initiative. As part of this tie-up, Tetley will forward Re.1 from the sale of each pack of its newly launched Tulsi-Lemon flavor tea. This will be used by Parampara in planting and distributing tulsi saplings in urban areas.
The primary reason behind this initiation is the fact that urban India is slowly getting disconnected with its traditions and heritage. Scarcity of time and space is the biggest contributor of this change, symbolized by the increasing absence of tulsi in urban homes. While tulsi is getting its due recognized as the queen of herbs for its medicinal properties, its cultural significance is slowly eroding, especially in urban India.

Tetley and Parampara realized the need for an effort to try and bring tulsiback in our homes and in our hearts. The tie-up aims to contribute to the cause of tulsi and will attempt to re-install tulsi in its rightful place. While Parampara is already doing good work in highlighting the cultural, traditional and health significance of tulsi, this tie-up will help take this effort in a more concerted manner to urban population. Tetley will also try and help Parampara extend its footprint outside Chennai and surrounding regions to other cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.As part of this effort, Parampara will conduct several events to highlight the significance of tulsi, distribute free saplings and also plant saplings. They will target occasions like cultural events, festivals, etc to achieve the above objectives. They will also approach schools, colleges and various organisations for planting and distributing of tulsi saplings.

Tetley is a leading global tea brand and is a market leader in countries like UK & Canada. Tetley the world over has a vast range of black, green, and fruit and herbal tea bags. Tetley entered the Indian tea market in 2001 and introduced flavoured tea bags in 2004. Today it is one of the leading players in the tea bags segment in India. Tetley offers a wide range of premium tea including black tea, flavoured black tea, green tea, flavoured green tea and packed tea.

Parampara is a movement to preserve and propagate various aspects of the Indian Culture. The motivating thrust behind this is the conviction that there is much that is valuable in our culture and that there is an urgent need to preserve and propagate it, especially in the face of the formidable onslaught of the technological age and westernization. Preservation of our values and culture is possible only when there is an awareness of these among the various segments of our society. One of PARAMAPARA’s initiatives in this direction is to reconnect the modern society to the plant Tulsi and its traditional and cultural significance and its role in Health & Environment.

Tetley Tulsi & Lemon tea is available at Rs.33 for 12 tea bags across most stores and supermarkets in the country. 

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