Celebrating Christmas joyfully!

Just like the rest of the country, Bangalore celebrated Christmas with all grace and grandeur.

It’s not only the Christians who celebrate this day, but for all who embraces this day of peace, love and prayers – the Christmas Day, when God’s only son, the savour, was sent to the world. It’s a belief and people, for many, many years have kept it alive. Bangalore doesn’t seem to lack behind.

Thousands of people were seen thronging to churches in the city to attend the midnight mass. Dressed for the occasion, everyone attending the mass looked sumptuous, and the churches – extra graceful. Christmas Eve, Jesus reborn, churches tranquil, serene, aburst with a banquet of joy, people clad in suits and gowns, indeed a sight not to be missed. Staff photojournalist Nishal Lama gives a quick peek into the celebration last night.

St. Mary’s Basilica at Shivaji Nagar. Thousands of locals thronged to the church to attend the midnight mass. The church was decorated with lights and Christmas trees. The church is one of the oldest in the city.

People attending the midnight mass in St. Patrick. The church is around 150 years old, and is one of the most important churches in the city.

A devotee prays during a Christmas mass at a church in the city. In Christianity its believe that prayers help you get closer to God.

From a pastor’s heart: a pastor spreads the word of God at one of the churches during the midnight mass. Christians across the world celebrate Christmas with Carol singing, midnight masses and special services.

Midnight Mass is actually a tradition which has been followed for all these years. It normally means the first mass of Christmas Day with special readings not found in the other Masses later in the day.

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