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Charcoal works by Rupesh Patric in support of Asha Niketan

Asha Niketan Bangalore founded in 1970 is a community sharing home life and work with adults with a mental disabilities. The community recently celebrated its 40th anniversary with the launch of their Calendar by charcoal artist Rupesh Patric

Charcoal works by Rupesh Patric in support of Asha NiketanCharcoal works by Rupesh Patric in support of Asha Niketan

Asha Niketan, Bangalore recently
celebrated their 40th Anniversary and the launch of their 2011 Calendar “AASAHYEIN” carrying artworks of Bangalore-based Charcoal Artist, Rupesh Patric.  L’Arche International (an NGO) is a Federation of more than 135 member communities, established as independent entities in 36 countries. In India L’Arche is called Fellowship with Mentally Retarded (FMR), it started in 1970 in Bangalore and is named Asha Niketans (homes of hope).

The aims and objectives of Asha Niketan are to be a community providing residential, and day care opportunities for adults and children with a mental disabilities. Asha Niketan is an interfaith community with one house with five vocational training units/sheltered work. There are twelve male members and two female members residentially, aged 18 – 81 years and staff as of now. Asha Niketan is raising funds to expand so as to accommodate more number of homeless adolescent girls/women with a mental handicap.

Rupesh Patric’s charcoal sketches in the calendar are from his recent series called “What‟s your Story?”.  He says, “The theme for this series was nature and the things around us. "Nature" refers to the phenomena of the physical world, and also to life in general. It ranges in scale from the subatomic to the cosmic. Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain. There is a way that nature speaks,”

He further adds, “My Asha Niketan journey began in the winter of 2009, when I met Katharine Hall who was running the Asha Niketan operations in Bangalore. She talked to me about unconditional love and what Asha Niketan stood for. I was greatly touched and decided I should be a part of this humble organization. I was in the middle of promoting my first calendar then, that carried my charcoal works – DREAMS‟2009. It was made in support of Dream a Dream, a charitable organization working with disadvantaged children. The 2010 Calendar was made in support of SnehaNilaya, a Bangalore based orphanage. Both were hugely successful projects and we managed to raise a huge sum in 2009/2010, for the respective NGOs. This year, I‟ve finally got to do the calendar for Asha Niketan and I am elated. Aashayein „2011 is my third calendar project,”

Talking about his artistic journey, so far, he says, “I always thought that to be a real artist, one's work had to look a certain way, following in the path of the realists perhaps. What I'm just now starting to realize and celebrate is that my art is my art, for better or worse. It looks like my art, which is why I think I never quite accepted it, something I am still working on. I think being exposed to so many great artists, and finding so many wonderful collectors interested in supporting my work, has really helped me with this. I do believe art transforms people, their environments and communities. So I believe I am participating in the world to add a little extra beauty and perhaps encourage others to think with my art. I hope that the passion I have for art, and the passion I have to tell stories through my sketches, is reflected in my work,”
The calendars are priced at Rs. 500 are available at Asha Niketan’s office in Koramangala and come with an 80G tax exemption certificate. Call +91-80-2552-4584 or email: for more details.
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