Fuel Great Indian Rock 2010 is back in Bangalore!

The Fuel Great Indian Rock is back this year, larger and louder that ever before. The festival goes truly national this year with Big Gigs in 4 of India's most prominent cities, namely Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and Kolkata.

Fuel Great Indian Rock 2010: Enslaved to perform in BangaloreFuel Great Indian Rock 2010: Enslaved to perform in Bangalore

The 14th edition of India’s biggest rock festival,
FUEL Great Indian Rock, promises to be even bigger and better for rock and metal fans in India, with the announcement of Swedish metal masters Meshuggah being confirmed as headliners for the festival. This would be the 4th International band being confirmed for the festival, as TesseracT (UK), Purified In Blood (Norway), and Norwegian metal giants Enslaved are also playing the at festival that’s happening in Bangalore on the 18 and 19 December at Palace Grounds.

The Great Indian Rock festival has over the years, featured some of the biggest names today ranging from Parikrama, Orange Street, and Indian Ocean. Over the years it became a platform for Indian bands to showcase their skills and talent and a variety of bands participated have gone on to become some of the most well known names in the country and abroad. The Great Indian Rock project was initiated by Rock Street Journal magazine in 1995 with a view to create a platform for Indian rock bands to write and play their own music, as opposed to the covers only scene that existed till that point. Only a handful of bands like The Great Society, Rock Machine (later re-christened to Indus Creed), Millennium and 13 A.D had albums to their credit. The first compilation featuring 14 Indian bands was released in 1995, and an attempt was made to organize a festival featuring these acts, but due to lack of funding the project was shelved for that year.

Meshuggah will perfoem in Bangalore on December 18Meshuggah will perfoem in Bangalore on December 18

The next edition of Great Indian Rock was organized in 1997, and this year Rock Street Journal was able to pull off a two day festival in Kolkata featuring all the artists on the compilation CD. This was a landmark event of sorts, as for the first time bands in India had a platform that promoted them for their own music. About a thousand people attended the festival in the first year. In 1998 the festival moved to New Delhi, and over the next 10 years was held in the Capital city at Hamsadhwani Open Air Theater, Pragati Maidan, but also branched out in the city of Mumbai (along with New Delhi) on 5 separate occasions (2001, 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2008).

The Great Indian Rock, aside from becoming an iconic festival in India attended by thousands of people each year, also created a paradigm shift in the Indian independent music scene. Bands started increasingly embracing their own identity as opposed to playing covers. Hundreds of bands entered studios and recorded their music, and hundreds of Independent albums have been released in India by bands since 1995. The underground thrives!

The festival has sought to give a voice to Indian rock musicians and fan alike, creating opportunities for bands, and attempts to integrate the Indian scene with the International stage. Towards this goal, the festival sourced funding for taking Indian bands playing the festival to tour outside India. The first Indian band to receive this support was Mumbai’s Bombay Black, who got an opportunity to open for Aerosmith at the Glen Helen Amphitheater in 2001, and also played along with Incubus, Beastie Boys and other well renowned international acts. Orange Street became the first Indian band to tour Europe.

Schedule: Bangalore, 18 Dec, 2010 at Palace Grounds
Line Up
1) The Bicycle Days
2) Slain
3) Kryptos
4) Bhayanak Maut  
5) Meshuggah  
19 Dec, 2010
Line Up
1) Inner Sanctum
2) Eccentric Pendulum
3) Purified in Blood
4) Tesseract
5) Enslaved   
Tickets Available at: www.kyazoonga.com. Ticket Price: RS 1099/- for each day and 2 day combo tickets are priced at Rs 1499/-

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papi Dec 24th, 2010 03:22 AM

GIR has lost its true essence of promoting the underground metal scene and has turned into a money sucking enterprise 
they just want to sell tickets to the posers 
  and worst part is they just limit the gig to the same locations 
comeon mother fuckers u self righteous pricks , metros are not the only place where people listen to fucking metal

pranita Dec 17th, 2010 12:53 AM

FUCKYA!!!!U guys are SKULL FILL OF MUGGETS!!u bloody bustards are conning us in the name of metal..and we are the unfortunate ones...GIR last year when benea Reach and satrycon came down,the tickets were just 150 which ppl lyk us could go and be a part of it...FUCKING all the shows that happened this year is lyk an open rapping to the the youth.Lamb of god 1399,and now 1099.Are u guys tripped on shrooms or wat???For this i couldnt attend lamb of god which is one of my fav bands.They are an anthem!!and now this is the scene..U guys are rapping our happiness to the core..U guys are MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!!i request you all to gimme the benefit of being a metal head and so that i can bang my head infront of the gods..I look forward to your reply.eradicate the discriminations among the cities and let every metal head fulfil their desire to be a part pf GIR...U guys will be a black sheep of metal heads if u dnt revert me with a solution..I  guess u beleive in DEMOCRACY ryt!!

Anonymous Dec 16th, 2010 06:39 PM

Great initiative, but if they really want to promote the Indian rock scene, how is a price tag of Rs. 1500 for the tickets going to encourage the fence-sitters to go check out the event?

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