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Idli, Sambar and Soul Music at Café Idly!

Tucked away in a homely neighbourhood is the charming and eclectic Café Idly.Though the café is a small place with just enough space to stand and grab a quick bite. The amazing décor and the music they play is what draws you this place.

Idli, Sambar and Soul Music at Café Idly!Idli, Sambar and Soul Music at Café Idly!

As soon as you think of a South Indian
food joint, you’d draw images of waiters in uniform reading out the menu in a sing song manner. But Café Idly started by two MBA graduates could be called the coolest southern tiffin center in town. What sets this place apart is the awesome ambience coupled with great music. The choice of food here is kept simple with self-service in Darshini style. The café serves three varieties of idli, dosa and other rice delicacies which are very reasonable priced. You can either have the food there, like a Darshini or get it parceled. The food is prepared instantly and is served with a dose of music.

The café has an ambience of a vintage coffeehouseThe café has an ambience of a vintage coffeehouse

The café has an ambience of a vintage coffeehouse; kitschy posters of yesteryear rockstars adorn the walls. In a small quiet corner an electric guitar and several music records are on display. The café plays classic western rock and one can tuck into the delicious food while listening to some peppy numbers by Dire Straits, Simon and Garfunkel and good ol’ Beetles. “We started this restaurant so that everyone can enjoy the music and culture with perfect blend of ethnic and modernism. Our main aim was to start a restaurant that serves some great food and plays some good music. Combining South Indian food with Soul music is relatively a new concept and that’s what sets us apart,” Says Dinesh Bhaktinathan, who started the café along with his brother Rajesh.

Rajesh says that he had always wanted to start a restaurant and after working for a few years in the corporate field, he wanted to do something on this own and that’s how Café Idly happened. “The whole atmosphere and food is what draws people to this place, also since idli and dosa are predominantly breakfast items, not many restaurants serve them in the evenings. We serve them till late in the night and it is the most preferred food today for the health-conscious. The café is open only in the evenings and atleast 30 – 40 people walk in and some even sit by the stairs and chill out,” Says Rajesh.

The duo has a huge collection of records and cassettes and you can even request them to play your favourite number and they will do so willingly. Another interesting aspect is that they organize monthly theme events. Since it’s the festive season they will be playing Christmas songs by Rock and Metal bands and also some unforgettable numbers by Boney M, Jim Reeves, ACDC, Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and Coldplay all of this month. “We plan to expand the café and have a sit-in area, so that we can invite local bands to perform here. We’ve already got several requests but the café is too small to do anything now. We want Café Idly to be a cultural hub for budding musicians and artists,” Says Dinesh.

Dinesh who has a diploma in hotel management is very particular about the food. They have a cook who churns out food that will simply melt in your mouth. Though the menu is very limited the café serves some amazing dishes like thatte idly, kadabu, a Mangalore style idli which is served with two types of chutneys along with add-on options like chatnipodi (gun powder). Dinesh says, “We plan to introduce more varieties of idlis in the future. As of now we are focusing on the expansion of the café. Maybe once we set-up the whole place, we can adopt a franchisee model and have several cafés in the city,” Be sure to check them out this weekend!
You can find them on Facebook. To know more log on to or call 9741999800/ 9845938663. The Cafe is open from 5pm to 10pm (Mon-Sat)

Cafe Idly

Kenchappa Road Cross, Near Everest Theatre
Frazer Town, Bangalore -560005 Map

9741999800 / 9845938663
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