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Kala Madhyam Mela: Showcasing Indian cultural traditions in Bangalore

Colour, pageantry and passion have been the hallmark of Kala Madhyam Arts Mela, which celebrates India on one stage. The Mela is a synergetic blend of Indian cultural traditions, handicrafts, performing arts and foods.

Kala Madhyam Mela: Showcasing Indian cultural traditionsKala Madhyam Mela: Showcasing Indian cultural traditions

The 10th edition of the Kala Madhyam
Mela, aimed at promoting the folk heritage of the country, was inaugurated on Friday at the Chitrakala Parishath. The city has always been a good market for traditional crafts, but Usha International, the sponsor for this year's 10-day event, has amalgamated folk stitches with technology. From mobile pouches to folk art wall hangings, these modern machines, exhibited at the fair, are capable of recreating folk embroidery.

In India, art and craft are not merely decorative. They are conceived from the creative vision of common people; inspired by their deep devotion to god, their spiritual communion with nature and the wisdom of their traditions. Art is therefore, a reflection of the self and community, a socially unifying force, a “sacred expression” of people intrinsically linked with culture. That is why Kala Madhyam is about PEOPLE, ARTS and CULTURE – blending to form a cohesive whole.

Kala Madhyam is dedicated to supporting and empowering traditional (folk and tribal) Indian artists and artisans through systematic and sustained development efforts. Kala Madhyam organically grew from Madhyam’s (a development communication’s organisation founded in 1982) initiative to stimulate development from within culture. It explored ways in which culture can provide a means of sustenance, as well as serve as a medium of social empowerment. Kala Madhyam is founded on the strong belief that “Cultural Action is Social Action”. The organisation began its activities in the year 2000, but was officially registered as a Trust in April, 2002.

From the rugged beauty of Kutch to the ethereal hill country of Arunachal Pradesh, you’ll find products from every corner of India.  For that bare living room corner or the shelf above, their sedate Bastar metal art figures, classy Manipur black pottery or ceramic sculptures would fit perfect. Looking for last minute gift ideas? … try their Chittara or Kerala temple art pen stands and vases, Bidri products, blue pottery, marble craft, leather bags or funny faced clay chimes.  Or make a style statement with their metal and bead jewellery, vegetable print kurta’s and joothi’s. 

Elephant dung paper and camel dung paper products are available at the stall named Jugaad. Ceramic decorations in the shape of fruits, colourful mats from West Bengal, soft wood flowers from Nagaland and flowerpots in several shapes can bring any house alive. This 10-day Mela will also have vibrant folk performances showcasing traditions from all over the country.
Date: Fri, 03 – Sun, 12 December 2010              
Venue: Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath
Craft Exhibition: 10am - 8pm
Entry: Free

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