The Dewarists Stage: Susheela Raman to perform in Bangalore

Tamil British artiste Susheela Raman along with Rajasthan’s very own musical sensations, Chuggee Khan, Kutle Khan and Nathoo Lal Solanki will create musical harmony in Bangalore.

The Dewarists Stage: Susheela Raman to perform in BangaloreThe Dewarists Stage: Susheela Raman to perform in Bangalore

Dewar's presents spell binding music
collaboration on The Dewarists Stage. Catch internationally acclaimed singer, Susheela Raman along with Rajasthan’s very own musical sensations, Chuggee Khan, Kutle Khan and Nathoo Lal Solanki create musical harmony in Bangalore. Tamil Londoner Susheela Raman has established her place as one of the most creative artists to emerge from the South Asian Diaspora. Blessed with a mesmeric voice and arresting presence, Susheela has enraptured countless listeners with her own songs and with her interpretations of songs from her Indian roots. 

She makes the lines on the map dissolve; a South Indian sensibility radiates through her happily hybrid Euro-Afro-Asian musical landscape, just as an Indian voice is infused with a Londoner’s feeling for rock, blues, soul.  Susheela’s ability to sing her way between musical worlds and thereby to create her own has few parallels. She is moving with the tide of the times: India is now a centre of gravity within the Anglophone world, and is increasingly in the global spotlight. Finding sophisticated and adventurous pathways between Indian and global culture is the real challenge; one which she boldly and instinctively meets.

“In the last few years I have been playing in India a lot and discovering new sounds. I’ve also started a club in London called OUTERINDIA to make a platform for visionary work connected to the Subcontinent; our dream is that OUTERINDIA will become a label and web resource as well as a moveable musical feast. We are starting in London but there is no reason we can’t take it around the world.” She says.

With a justified reputation as an incandescent live performer, Susheela has also made four classic albums, ‘Salt Rain” (2001), ‘Love Trap’ (2003) ‘Music for Crocodiles’ (2005) and ‘33 1/3’ (2007), each charting a personal relationship with musical history and her own role as a conduit where musical oceans meet. Each Susheela album is a big vision that retains its freshness and uniqueness for years to come. Her new offering ‘VEL’, which means ‘spear’ in Tamil, will be released in early 2011. Meanwhile, one of its lead tracks, ‘Raise Up”, is offered as a Digital Download EP along with three remixes that takes Susheela’s powerful anthem into exciting new terrain.

Susheela’s new album was made in half English and Half Tamil. ‘VEL’ as a record documents her journey as a European with South Indian ancestry into the heartland of Tamil music. This is music, which is less about refinement than about the intensity of feeling. It’s a world where you have to make the shared feeling in the music real and manifest. This suits Susheela who has always made music a vehicle of emotion with the same intensity of purpose that she offers herself and her music to the audience. Who else can deliver a Tamil devotional poem from the thirteenth century and a Captain Beefheart song from 1978 and capture the heart with both? The key is that she makes them her own and then shares them, fashioning both into spears that penetrate the soul.
A few years ago Susheela started to spend a lot more time in South India and was drawn to the music world of Tamil devotionalism (‘bhakti’). As a performer, its openhearted emotion and its ecstatic trance dimension made a connection with her that was very natural. This music is really at the heart of Tamil culture. She sang in temples and at festivals that gave people tremendous joy and happiness. When she played these songs for the first time in Europe, the audience were left spell bound and received great accolades. 
Date: Saturday, December 18
Time: 9:00pm - 11:00pm
Venue: Opus, Chakravarty Layout, Bangalore
Contact details: Call Opus on +91 9844030198

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