So you want to build the next MSN, Yahoo! or Yelp?

Building a large online community is easier now than ever before; and arguably more profitable!

In the 1990’s, horizontal portals were a hot commodity. AOL, & Yahoo! gained special attention because they were for many users, the gateway to the World Wide Web. In recent times vertical portals that provide a gateway to a particular industry such as health care, insurance, automobiles, or food manufacturing are getting popular (ex: Yelp, WebMD, SitePoint, etc.) Businesses looking to enter the web publishing or social portals space today require a level of dynamic content and functionality that goes well beyond what a conventional content management solution can offer.

Enterprise CMS tools do exist but they are too complex and pricey; not a great fit for small & medium publishers. Free/ Open Source lack commercial features, painful to customize and scale; more importantly deliver average user experience.
This insight convinced Bangalore-based DoubleSpring to build a content management system called BlackMonk that makes it easy and affordable for publishers and media companies to create their own web portals.

BlackMonk makes it possible for you to publish online magazines, portals, newspapers, business directories, journals or niche communities. Organize information and provide an interactive, personalized and vertically-focused media experience to users online.

“When you look at the online environment these days, it’s clear that publishers need a lot of content to stand out,” Says DoubleSpring founder Shariff “A web portal lets publishers deliver much more content at once than a blog or a conventional website, because a portal offers an organized framework for delivering a large amount of dynamic and interactive content.”

But for Shariff, a web portal is much more than just a way for publishers to deliver content. It’s also a dynamic tool that can open up entirely new revenue streams for savvy business owners. “We’ve built a lot of business tools into BlackMonk alongside the content tools,” he says. “If you want to let users post paid listings and classifieds, you can include that on your site.

If you want to include a discussion forum, we have all the tools to let you build one. If you want to have periodic contests, or offer special deals and promotions to your customers, we have tools to let you do that. It’s not just content management... it’s also content marketing & monetisation”

“BlackMonk is powerful enough to build literally any site that users have in mind. It’s a full-blooded content management system, not a template,” Shariff says. “It is a set of pre-packaged scripts, images and data tools that make it easier for web developers to build a web portal, but it’s flexible enough to conform to any design vision the web team has in mind.

With over 75 clients worldwide, including magazines, newspapers and business directories from around the world, BlackMonk has proven a valuable tool for media companies to establish content-rich web presence. Starting at just $2222 for the basic edition, it is one of the most affordable Web Portal CMS offerings in its segment today. For content-based businesses, BlackMonk is a must-have.

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Jayakumar Dec 18th, 2012 12:11 AM

Blackmonk looks really good. Best wishes to Shuhaib and team.

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