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40 years of visual art

Max Muller Bhavan dedicates an evening to video art in Germany.

They say visual art is the most appealing among other forms of art as it is devoid of cultural and language barriers. Films and related media connect to audiences across the world. Max Muller Bhavan held an exhibition and lecture on video art as electronic art is said to be easily destructible.

“ Digital Heritage - Video Art in Germany from 1963
to the present" was introduced by video artist Maria Vedder. The purpose of the event was ‘on saving, maintaining, and mediating the cultural heritage of video art as the
progressive destruction of video art poses an acute threat to a significant element of 20th-century art.’

Maria Vedder had selected specific projects covering a wide range of forms and genres, including her own "Der Herzschlag des Anubis". The works that were displayed were of Nam June Paik, who is known as the father of video art, Joseph Beuys and Bjorn Melhus to name a few. Vedder also explained the tactics and intricacies of the cameras at work at the beginning of each clipping.

The selected works ranged from simplistic to highly abstract. It was an enriching evening celebrating the beauty and complexity of visual art.
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