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Behind the Lens

Mahua Art Gallery’s exhibition ‘Behind the Lens’ showcases six artists and their photographic journeys.

‘Behind the Lens’ a group exhibition of six artists from all over India is currently on display at Mahua Art Gallery. Curated by Ajay Rajgarhia from New Delhi, this exhibit brought together artists from Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore & Kerala to explore their unique sensitivity and creativity from behind their lenses. This was also Mahua Art Gallery’s first photography exhibition.

Ajay Rajgharia from Delhi explores monuments and still life in visual perspectives. Landscapes emerge through Jharokas, a shiva linga through a doorway, the cityscape through the jagged glass. His years in garment export have brought about an awareness of colour and texture that translates into his work. Ajay prefers still life and abstracts and shoots largely in colour, as colour and texture is what draws him to a subject.    Feelings govern these expressions and very often Ajay finds himself shooting the same places, but differently each time. While travelling, by car, train or even just walking, compositions flash before him. Ajay keeps his camera handy wherever he goes, so as not to miss the moment.

In 4 decades of photography and documenting the myriad faces of Kerala, Ashok Koshy sets a benchmark in the art of photography. His exquisite rendering of the various dance forms is considered almost painterly in their vibrant execution. His extensive travel in the region resulted in a series of architectural subjects and landscapes, masterpieces that document with historical flair the facets of a vanishing culture. From the delicate forms of nature to the passion of dance; from the soaring and awe inspiring coastal architecture of Kerala to the Temple Elephant series, Koshy celebrates the beauty of his beloved country with style and elegance that is his hallmark.

Leena Kejriwal has chosen in her “Tea-shop” series, the Indian Chai kettles. These visuals are grounding and have a still and rooted presence of the reality of daily existence. In this series each of the photographers frames is dedicated to the unsung, often unnoticed everyday objects that the city is studded with, objects which give it its very distinctive personality. She compels us to give the humble their due respect, even as we question the very essence of life and being alive.  

Sandeep Biswas from Delhi explores abstraction and movement in his photographs. After years of work on the street he began realizing the possibility of abstract images in real life street photography. He began experimenting with reflections where multiple images layer into one single image, merging and creating an absolute surreal visual. He was looking into an alternate reality existing in reflections on water, sometimes on the streets and sometimes on windows. In these reflections reality simply merged and recreated itself from a new poetic perspective.

Karan Khanna’s works are kitsch, contemporary & energetic. He has found his niche in digitally painted photographs, etching out with tremendous detail and in the most vivid colors, the iron work in a window or a weather beaten wall with images on it. His work deals with a range of topics from simple everyday scenes to buildings and shadows on a wall. What stands out is the detail he goes into when he paints his photographs. He is the son of renowned artist Kishen Khanna and his photograph has recently been auctioned at Sotheby’s.

Vivek Mathew from Bangalore explores silhouettes lyrically, of nature, man-made windows, doorways & alleys in his new series – Lyrical shadows. For this collection, Vivek has travelled extensively across Bangalore, Delhi,Agra and builds a visual tapestry of emotions with shadows. The images entice the viewer with its deep textures and stupendous interplay of light. Drawing inspiration from the photography greats of the 20th Century with their unwieldy box cameras, Vivek has painstakingly recreated the feeling of nostalgia in every perfectly composed frame.   

The exhibition ‘Behind the Lens’ is on at Mahua Art Gallery till the 28th of February,

Behind the Lens

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