Braille Translator that combines Music and Language

Bangalore boys Master Dheeraj M N and Kishan S Bhardwaj have won IRIS 2008, at a Competition held at the National Fair Science Kolkata. Their innovation the Braille Translator, helps the visually challenged to be independent. 

IRIS (Initiative for Research and Innovation in Science) is India's largest research, based science fair initiative for school students.. The innovation titled 'Braille Translator which combines music and language' was created by Dheeraj and Kishan who won under the team event category for best Engineering solution. They will go on to compete at another camp during February 2009. After which, 2 of the 3 teams chosen will represent India Intel International Science and Engineering Fair ISEF 2009, which will be held at Reno, NV, USA from May 10th-15th, 2009.

The event was hosted by Department of Science and Technology (DST) along with the Government of India as well as sponsorship from Intel and CII.This year the fair received over 950 project entries from school students across the country. The students participated by sending entries across 10 categories which includes almost all the disciplines of Science and Engineering. Among the 950 entries, 100 best ideas were short listed which, competed for the 2008 National Award.

This innovation consists of four parts namely: Braille part, the English part, the synchronizing part and the music part. The Braille part is designed using six electro magnets, which are arranged in the shape of a typical Braille cell. This is in-turn connected to the English part which is a computer that translates the motion of the 6 electromagnets into 26 corresponding alphabets in English. Upon explaining it further Dheeraj says "This mapping is exactly how a Braille typewriter works, where the output is given only in Braille. But our machine translates it into English along with giving a musical conformation".


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