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Say good bye to allergies for at least sometime, now that a new cure is becoming increasingly popular. MyBangalore does some research.  

A study conducted by a top medical college reveals that the recent cure of rush immunotherapy deals with allergen threats far better than the traditional pharmacotherapy. Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) was behind the study that was conducted at the Allergy Clinic run by the organization on people experiencing allergic disorders. In Bangalore, allergies are a common sight considering the large amount of allergens in the air, most of them being pollens. It is said that a good 20% of the city encounters some allergy or other on a regular basis.  

Immunotherapy refers to the process of medication where injections containing specific allergens are used to cure individuals suffering from allergies. The allergens contained in the injections usually work by way of setting off the allergic symptoms in a patient. Essentially what immunotherapy does is desensitizes the body over a certain period of time so that the patient’s body stops reacting to allergens. This form of treatment is usually given to people with breathing allergies, allergy attained from insect sting and even to those suffering from an allergic form of asthma and rhinitis. Rush immunotherapy, though, is a tad different than conventional immunotherapy. According to officials at KIMS, while conventional immunotherapy requires patients to undergo the first phase of dosage for four to six months of time, rush immunotherapy reduces the period to two days while dosage remains the same.  

There are several reasons why rush immunotherapy is being preferred over other treatments. Apart from triggering lesser side- effects, this procedure also stays effective for a longer period of time. Additionally, the KIMS study also found out that patients are more tolerant towards the immunotherapy injections as against counterparts. 
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