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Cheers to flavoured wines!

Christmas is synonymous with the decked up Christmas tree, adorable Santa Claus, merry-making, plum cake and wine. For years the taste of wine has unquestioningly been that of grape. But how about trying mint or potato flavoured wines?
Unbelievably experimental variations of the popular drink have caught the imagination of the markets. The best part about this tasty trend is that these exciting new avatars of wine are mostly home-made. Enterprising and talented women have added the new twist to the classy beverage and experimented with different fruits, vegetables and spices.

Sona Chinappa has been making different flavoured wines for more than 25 years. What started as a hobby after a preservation course has now turned into a regular affair. Sona makes wines with pineapple, strawberry, cheeku, spices and even beetle leaves! Add to that the usual grape, ginger and Irish wines.  

“I usually make wines for personal consumption. But I do gift them to friends and family, especially to my Christian friends who are mostly used to grape wine during Christmas,” she says. She also adds that there is not much of a difference in the method of preparation of flavoured wines. Sonia also mentioned that people are open to experimenting and curious about the different flavours of wine that are available these days.

It does not stop with just fruits. There are wines made from vegetables like beetroot, potato and also gooseberry. But not everyone wants to experiment. Nisha Mathews, a teacher, is all set to celebrate Christmas. She has tried a couple of different wines but still sticks to grape. “I think grape is the taste best suited for wine,” she explains.
Grape or gooseberry, wines still top the popularity charts. And this Christmas, here’s to great taste!
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