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CyberKnife, a boon for cancer patients

Brand new in India, the CyberKnife will fulfill the long standing dream of oncologists to tackle cancer painlessly.  

CyberKnife, a robotic system to perform radiosurgery may have been known to the rest of the world since a long time, but not to India. Found in 1990 by John Adler, it is nearly two decades later now that India will get to see the CyberKnife. The city of Bangalore has achieved the feat of acquiring the country’s first CyberKnife, thanks to Health Care Global, Asia’s largest chain of cancer care units. Prior to the acquisition, people suffering from cancer had to make their way to the United States.  

The highlight of the CyberKnife is of course the way it detects cancerous tumors. Be it in the liver, pancreas, brain, prostrate or the lungs, the computerized CyberKnife tells the robot the best way to get a tumor out. Apart from being painless, CyberKnife operations are also known to be bloodless.  

“Before HCG came forward to buy the equipment, treatment with CyberKnife was considered a very expensive affair. In fact, the CyberKnife itself is very expensive, priced at around 40 crores. Prior to this, individuals accessing CyberKnife treatment would need to spend no less than 20 lakhs. Now that HCG has got it’s own CyberKnife patients will be able to get operations done within 10 lakhs, depending on the extent of the disease”, said Prakash P., Marketing Manager, CyberKnife.  

“The CyberKnife is yet not operational but is all set to be so from the first week of April. The date, though, is tentative”, he added. 
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