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Dale Boone does The Vanishing Act.

The lone donut lay on the table and seemed to have a look that that it overheard somebody foretell its future. MyBangalore tracks the donuts fate.

Dale Boone feels the donut with a kind of surgeon precision, holds it in his hands for a moment then keeps it back on the plate. The donut was able to momentarily breath a sigh of relief for  as he takes a swig of his iced lemon tea. But at the next instant the donut vanishes! And my conversation with David carries on like nothing had happened.

Dale Boone is a professional ‘eater’ from Atlanta, Georgia and a representative of WLOCE (World League of Competitive Eaters). He holds 23 world records, and is in India now looking for new recruits, to introduce India and south east Asia to competitive eating (of course!).

Dale is looking to promote competitive eating as a sport in India. He says there is a lot of talent here that is going unrecognized and he is looking to bring India’s latent competitive eating talent out.

According to Boone, professional eating is more than just ‘eating’ it involves technique and is a science. His nine years as a competitive eater has taught him to fine tune the sport of ‘eating’. This sport requires physical and mental fitness, and Dale says its crucial not to lack in these departments of one will never win.

“It’s as easy as this you eat and win money, hard cash” Dale says, but without discipline you won’t get anywhere. He’s quiet happy about the response here in India, “I’d like to see more women come out and compete, till now its been only men.”

Dale has lived in India and has actually completed his film making studies from Chennai, and that explains the odd Tamil word you hear from him every now and then. WLOCE is looking to have their first ‘eating competition’ in India in May, in Bangalore. In the US of ‘A’ its anything from hot-dogs, corn dogs, apple-pie to pig intestine. Here in India it would be idlis and donuts for a start and that depends on who is sponsoring too.

And about the case of the vanishing donut, he just smiles and says “anybody can do that, but I can do that for ten minutes non-stop”

For more information on Competitive eating and the World League of Competitive Eaters you can log onto


bulls eye! Feb 25th, 2011 01:00 AM

hey  Anna..arent you from OZ the place that has attacks on indian ppl
and now you come into our streets in a drunken state and call mr boone names 
and say this is not your home land 
to come and show your drunken ass off at 12 midnight in the middle of the road
nd aren't you ashamed to do sucha thing in our cultured country...nd buzz off ok India is not a poor country !!!its got te infinite wealth ,tradition,culture,food,palaces ,splendid jewellery designs nd wat not..most of te brands are dun here ,fabrics,texture,silk,....Dumb idiots u al are ....why do u cum to our country then  nd spoiling others too along with your blownup heads..zombie ..geeeeeeek u come to our country be good ,speak good language.,act good be cultured..i respect mr.boone's profession it is an art nd talent even tats a gift of god all cant do specially its good to hv this coz ther are many ppl who can make money easy way..getu eat expensive food nd its blessing let ppl in india get some easy money rather than hard nd toiled works....wats ur problem?  nd thank ppl like mr.boone who adviced you rather nd tats his Big heart...have jesus in you ..hypocrites arent u christians..dunno te time!!! juz wantu blabber wat ever u fee like ..never thinkn watya say!

Scott Hawkins Jan 30th, 2011 01:00 PM

I met Dale Boone, thankfully very briefly, in Bangalore last night. He told my friends in a very patronising tone, "India is not a playground!" Now here is a man describing his profession as being a 'competitive eater', living in a country where millions of people struggle to earn enough to feed their families, encouraging Indians to become competitive eaters and enter eating contests. I can't believe I am the only person not to appreciate the irony in him telling someone else, "India is not a playground!"

Anna Benson Jan 30th, 2011 12:14 PM

What an absolute toss bag this guy is.  I met him in the streets of Bangalore and have never been insulted in my life.  Talk about power trippin.  I wish I had known his profession when he was shoving his opinions down MY throat.  Get a life mate!!! PS - Life is a playground and I hope I never see you on my equipment!!!!!!!

shawn_eury Nov 21st, 2009 01:46 AM

Hello my name is shawn eury dale boone is a joke he wont step into a real contest with a real professional. he can eat but see he has a really bad additude think he's the best in my opinion he an't worth a s***. cant wailt till next year i will kick his ass in hot dogs last year he beat me by a half a hotdog he wont this year im already training so dale im coming for you

Ashley Zinta Apr 11th, 2009 04:52 PM

how many doughnuts did he put in before the author decided it was a vanishing act?
who are the indian counterparts here. whats his office like?
will we always take people by heresay? 

Ginger Kumar Mar 28th, 2009 02:02 PM

I heard he is the best . Can't wait to see he in live action like i do on TV.

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