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Getting rid of old computers at home and offices is a task by itself. What if donation structures are built around old PCs that in turn support NGOs? Abhishek Asthana Co-Founder of ‘DonateYoutPC’ (DYPC) shares more details about this initiative.

What is DonateYour PC initiative is all about? How did it start and what was the motivation behind it? is a platform to bring together people (in India) who want to donate their PC and Computer Peripheral donors with NGOs/Schools and people who need computers for education and empowerment. The motivation was to promote reuse of PCs which just gather dust lying in homes, waiting for some cousin or relative to be handed over to. There were skeptics who believe that no one would donate their old hardware but we have learnt that it is not so!
Who are your target consumers? How did you connect with them?

We have two broad categories of 'consumers': donors and requesters.
We want to cater to anyone who intends to donate their old (but perfectly working!) hardware for a good cause and anyone who intends to use these donated equipments for the same reason. Till now most of publicity has been through emails and word-of-mouth.

We have informal channels set up with some NGOs, and are willing to get in touch with many more NGOs and other organizations small and big, who are willing to use the equipments that our donors may be willing to donate. Right now we are focusing on reaching more individuals and corporates who are willing to donate their hardware through DYPC.

What kind of computers and peripherals that can be donated?

Anything which is still in usable condition can be donated. Since CPUs without monitor, mouse or keyboard are of no use, we encourage donors to donate peripherals as well. You can donate Mouse, Printer, Monitor, Keyboard, Speakers, UPS or any other peripheral.
In countries like India, where supply chain is not well established, what are the challenges you foresee in shipping computers between places?
That's right. We do face logistical problems, when we get requests from non-metro towns, in some cases we are unable to find transportation
for the computers to be sent to such places. We are willing to talk to cargo/logistic companies who might be interested in supporting us in
this noble cause by arranging transportation of these equipments.
Can you share some success stories for your initiative?

Our first transfer was in Hyderabad when a lady working in Oracle Hyderabad donated her old PC to Premalayam, an NGO I have been associated with. As a matter of fact, all the transfers till now have been done in Hyderabad only, however very soon Bangalore is going to witness a bulk transfer. Few more transfer processes (from individual donors) are underway in Hyderabad.

But I think the best was a donation offer from an American gentleman in Florida. It came as complete surprise!

Can you please tell more about your team? How are you structured? Is it a funded organization?

We have a core team which makes most of the decisions. Apart from the core team, there are a number of volunteers in different cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Lucknow and of course Bangalore and Hyderabad, who give their opinion on various issues. These volunteers are also responsible for
  • Helping the beneficiaries in installation and support of hardware/software.
  • Giving introductory training to beneficiaries about computer handling, if required.
  • Doing Background check of requestors and their requirements.
As for funding is concerned the tale is simple! Currently I am running it with my own funds and no other party has been either approached by us or has approached us for funding. Depending on success of the site in coming months we will think about other sources of income.

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venkat Dec 14th, 2010 06:45 PM

We run a social enterprise which assist farmers in marketing their produce. We actively train and provide self employment opportunities to rural youth in setting up small agri oriented ventures. More details about us at :
If you have any used PC/laptop/Monitor/printers in working condition , please do let us know . We are based in Chennai .
We help setup small veg/fruit retail shops for unemployed youth and also train differently abled in various value added work like peeling and cutting vegetables for sale. Some of these youth are trained to operate PCs and can thus run small POS devices to do billing 

Harish Dhondiyal Dec 07th, 2010 12:07 PM

Sir, we are running a society, naming HEM MEMORIAL SOCIETY in Haldwani city of Uttrakhand state. We are helping our old aged members by many ways. Presently 42 members have registered them with us. I am Secretary of this society. We want to educate our members by providing them free computer education facility.We want old and used working computers for the same.Anyone wants to donate his/her used old but working computer can contact me on One can go to ORKUT and search Harish Dhondiyal profile to see the activities of our organisation.I have posted some photographs there.I am submitting my organisations profile below, pls go through it once.
(Society working for old aged and disabled )
( Hem  Memorial  Society  has  obtained  Pan Card, 12A  and  80G  certificates  from  Income tax department,  India )
Society Reg. No.:  17/2009-2010 (Society is registered under societies registration act 21 of 1860) at Sub Registrar office Haldwani (Kumaoun Division)Uttrakhand.                                           
Income Tax 80G Certificate No. – 5(E)/AA/HAL/80G/HMS/2010-11
Income Tax 12A Certificate No. – 5(E)/AA/HAL/12AA/HMS/2010-11
     Your Decisions can make one life.
     Your Decisions can make one future.
     You could save one elderly  today.
This society is a secular, non-political, non-governmental, non-profit registered Charitable society formed by a group of social workers, educated locals having real interest and the commitment to serve the people of different religions, language and especially to the locals who are in need. The basic idea to create the society is of Sri Harish Dhondiyal, who is the Secretary of the society. The object of the society is to fulfill the dream of Late Shri Hem Dhondiyal (Brother of the secretary Sri Harish Dhondiyal ) who had great desire to serve the Poor and helpless people. The mission is to help improve the basic health services of the poorest  in Uttrakhand, building long term capacity through training and support. Irrespective of caste, creed and religion it is meant for a human service,  social awareness,  self realization and self support, community health, wealth liberation and leadership.
We ( Hem Memorial Society ) are presently working for old aged and disabled in Haldwani city of District –Nainital of Uttrakhand state.
          Presently we are providing our members Day Care facilities. Like:- Providing them facility of exercise equipments for exercise for their good health, Library facility, Audio-Visual aids, Recreational items

Sayan K Daw Nov 27th, 2010 09:15 AM

1 Qnty - 15" Samtron 56V Model Color CRT Monitor up for Donation. Its in good condition and works perfectly fine. Contact : Sayan @

Shahaji Oct 18th, 2010 08:45 PM

I too faced the same problem
I have just donated my 14 Inch LG Monitor. 

Triguna M S Oct 18th, 2010 03:18 PM

I have just donated 
1 CPU, 1 Monitor, 1 Keyboard, 1 Mouse, 1 UPS, 1 Sony DVD-RW, 1 Monitor Glare.
If you did not get my donation, please contact me @ 9845801222 the form page is hung as I submit the form.

Farhat Jul 29th, 2010 02:18 PM

Sir, I represent The Streisand Foundation which is a social organization working towards uplifting the slum youth who do not get proper education and are wandering around. We give training to such students in different areas like house keeping, customer care, driving for boys, etc so they could fit any one of the professions and can live a better life. With that regard we have requirement for computers and if any body could help us then kindly contact us through mail at

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