Eco Friendly Desktop PC from HP

The computer giant HP has another feather in its innovation cap. This time it launches its state-of-art Eco-friendly desktop.

HP launches the Compaq Presario CQ 2000 series. A sleek, attractive, wonder machine that has the added value of being eco-friendly and energy saving. It has been designed keeping in mind the modern household. A small wonder that easily sweeps your music system and DVD player functions into itself. This media marvel allows you to watch movies, play games and also attach LCD monitors and speakers to. The offer is even more exciting with the Compaq My Bhasha software. This software enables a vernacular interface.

Compaq My Bhasha software provides an intuitive and natural vernacular computing experience through the webcam “simulated hands” interface which is exclusive to HP.  The 10 languages covered by the interface are Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi and Urdu.  The users can choose any one language from the package that can be embedded in the system or be downloaded later through a CD.  

A stylishly designed desktop that is a lightweight at 3.5 kgs but packs a punch withy its features. It has a 6-in-1 digital media reader and USB drives. Plug in sit back and do what you need to. It has been certified by energy star to be a complete power conservation demon.   

What additionally makes the CQ 2000 eco-friendly is that is has been manufactured from fewer materials. In a time when e-waste is becoming a menace, a Computer that keeps the health of the earth in mind gets full marks in our books.

Chandrahas Panigrahi is the Country Category Manager of Consumer Desktops HP India, and he says,” CQ 2000 is a completely new category of PCs that will redefine the way desktops are viewed in terms of form factor and design. The main aim of launching CQ 2000 is to offer an affordable PC to families, young professionals and internet savvy people who want much more out of their PCs.” He further added, “The Compaq My Bhasha software offered with the PC, for a 90 day free trial, will not only help break the language barrier for non-English speaking users but also make computing a truly personal experience as the users get to email, chat, socialize online and do a lot more in the language they are most comfortable using.”   

Pricing and availability  

The CQ 2000 Desktop PC with a 15" TFT screen is available all across India at a starting price of Rs 18,990 plus taxes. 

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