If you love playing video games in your off time, you’d probably enjoy studying Gaming. If you love clothes and fabric, you could sign up for a course in Textiles and Merchandising. Can’t get enough of bling and baubles, there is now a Jewellery Design course just for you. And if Music drives your passions, DJ training as well as sound engineering is now being offered as a course. New interests are now actually translating into new careers. Training is now being redefined to furnish students with courses that tickle their fancy.

From event management to Video Game design; coffee tasting to textile design, the city of Bangalore is gradually spreading its arms to include fresh options that would have seemed impossible to study in India, as recently as a few years ago.  

Make your way to Srishti Design School and you will be flooded with choice. And be warned you just may feel a little too spoilt for choice. The list of courses is diverse with options like gaming and textile design along with experimental media arts, furniture and interiors. Idea Worldwide is another Institute that offers Interior and fashion design options.

If interiors and fashion up the glam quotient, then jewelry design is never too far behind. Certificate courses in these fashion forward options are now available at the JD Institute of Fashion Technology. Anisha, a student of jewelry design says, “I was always fascinated by jewels and thought of making it a career came to my mind when one of father’s friends told me how fast the market for costume jewelry is expanding.” The Institute of Fashion and Airline Management also offers a course on jewelry design.  

Not as glitzy as fashion, but something most fashionistas swear by, Coffee. Coffee tasting is now making a huge splash as an unconventional career choice in the city and looks like it’s here to stay. Especially since, the Coffee Board now offers several coffee tasting courses. Seems this culture beverage is just going to get even more popular.

DJs are whipping up a storm and the young urban Bangalore seems to be homing in on this as a career choice. Denon Pro DJ School claims to be the first DJ school in Bangalorre, and is offering wannbe DJs an option to learn how to spin the turntables and understand sound.  So what influences young Bangalore to steer their careers towards DJing? “It is essentially the love for music. But what also plays a hand is the money and fame involved. If you’re a DJ, you can have fun even while you’re at work”, says Rohit Anand of the Entertainment Factory Disc Jockey School, another place where budding DJs can learn techniques to make music to entertain!

If boredom frightens you the ordinary sends shivers down your spine, this is a signal that you should probably opt for a new and exciting career. And now that Bangalore seems to have a smorgasbord on offer for the young and the restless Bangalore. Watch the space, and we promise to bring you everything that’s keeping the education scene buzzing in Bangalore.
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