Electricity at 50 paisa per unit

Ancient Vedas are one of the ancient texts known to mankind, with its history tracing back to more than 4000 years. The ‘Veda’, in Sanskrit translates to ‘knowledge’, which is been considered superior in India for centuries together. While the univocal interpretation of Vedas is still under discussions, city based scientist H. R. Sathish Chandra is claiming that he is able to develop a working prototype for generating electricity at 50 paisa per unit, by interpreting Vedas. Sounds interesting? Read on.

Vedas and electricity
Basically Vedas can be deciphered in three ways, which are called as Adhyatmika (for general public), Adidaivika (rahasya or secret) and Adibhouthika. First two ways has been already attempted by many Sanskrit scholars but nobody has attempted the third one, which Sathish Chandra has worked on. A portion of the Vedas called ‘purushasooktha’ has been explained in 16 shlokas, in Rigveda and Samavada, in 18 shlokas in Krishna Yajurveda. In this attempt, Sathish Chandra has provided a physical explanation of some of these sutras and developing a working prototype around it.

Before jumping on to his interpretation, let us quickly revise the fundamentals of electricity generation. The fundamental law says, when a magnetic flux is cut by mechanical motion, electricity gets generated. If you take the example of simple dynamo, it will have two magnets (North and South) where the magnetic field is created. When a mechanical rotor is rotated in between the magnets the electricity gets generated. Since there would be some energy loss in the system, the output electricity generated is always less than the input.  

Mathematical model for Purushasooktha
Now let us take and example and explain how it works. The first shloka of purushasooktha reads as follows:
Sahasra sirsha purusha: | sahasraksha: sahasrapaa |
Sa bhumim vishvato vrtva | atyatishtad dasangulam |

If it is deciphered normally, we get the following meaning:
With Thousands of heads, Thousands of eyes and Thousands of feet, he (the supreme god) moves, as all of creation verily is he uncountable. He is beyond the grasp of the hands of men.


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