Ira Dubey eats, prays and loves theatre

Ira Dubey talks to about her love for the real and the reel stage.

All you ever need to know about "Poker" help millions of poker lovers learn their favourite game in a fun-filled way.

Creating a new club culture with 'Silent Noise' party!

The Silent Noise party is a festival of music, a new generation for club culture!

Harry Potter to get a digital avatar

‘Pottermore’ is the Harry Potter website to be launched in October which allows the users to read the story lines of Harry ...

'Music is really an expression of who I am' says singer Neeti Mohan

In an exclusive interview with singer Neeti Mohan talks about her journey so far.

Zero budget movie to hit the screens soon

Bollywood’s first zero budget movie to release soon. Sounds like a dream, but no costs were incurred during the making of the ...

Catch up for a movie at Cinemax now

Cinemax launches it's first multiplex in Bangalore. This venture appeals to the corporate population and cosmopolitan residences in Bangalore

Now watch movies on You tube Box Office

You Tube Box Office is a new channel launched by You Tube to enable cinema viewing in India free of cost
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