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It has been six months since Sara, Hannah and Caroline have been at IIMB. They are scheduled to go back to their countries in a week’s time. And apart from management principles and “tasty” Indian food, these foreign students are ready to tell Europe that India is no land of snake charmers alone!

The girls are in the city as part of IIMB’s International Students Exchange Network aimed at providing a global perspective to the students. They say there is a world of difference in the teaching methods. Says Hannah from Norway, “The course here is project-intensive, more like school. Back home it’s mostly theory based.”

Caroline, also from Norway is more specific. “I like the course because I have this one awesome faculty. But then there are some who are very bad. Overall, it is a different experience.”

Sara who is from Germany points out at the friendly people. “We didn’t have to initiate conversation. The students are so friendly and eager to help,” she says.
Have they had the time to explore the city outside campus? “Ofcourse!” says Hannah, “We have been to Brigade Road and MG Road many times. It doesn’t look anything lesser than Europe!” Caroline adds, “the airport reminds me of Copenhagen!”

As we chat up, the inevitable question of recession befalls. Is India insulated from global meltdown? “No way. I have been reading about the belief of industrialists that India won’t be affected but that is not possible,” argues Hannah.

When asked whether they would like to work here, only Sara volunteers. “I would love to. I love the country. Infact, I have applied for my internship in Mumbai.”

But Hannah and Caroline say they would like to go back. Caroline is quick to add though, “India is such a beautiful country. You should be proud of it.” So why do most Indians prefer working abroad? “That’s common. Pastures on the other side always look greener,” she rues.
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