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Posted by kriti  |  30. January 2009

E-Studio offers a taste of the ancient and medieval art with a serving of history in the heart of modern Bangalore city.    

History is immortalized through art at the E Studio International. The place was steeped in history from around the world. I was greeted by the owner of the studio Sonu Mulchandani. After a tour of the studio Sonu shared with us how she always wanted her own 'one of its kind' store in Bangalore.

E studio was established in March 2003 by a brother sister duo Sonu and Vinod Mulchandani. This is a home décor store with a difference. They firmly believe that one should collect meaningful art and not just 'anything' to make one's home exude aesthetic splendor. The studio has over 1,000 pieces of collectables, ranging in date from reproductions of medieval age to modern times. These can be classified, like ship models, medieval replicas of Armory, Masai sculptures, Italian silver collections, grand father clocks, exclusive framed art, dream catchers and many more…  

"After completing my course in Fashion designing I realized I was not interested in garment and apparel designing. I chose a path which was unconventional but close to my heart. Periodic Art. I traveled the world to find out what it had to offer.  I started my journey with the Dubai World festival. As I became enriched with the artistic experiences my desire to bring it close to others deepened. With the help of relatives settled in the U.S.A and Spain I launched my own art store in the city." said Sonu. 

E studio has contacts with some of the best artists of the world. They visit museums and art houses around the world and with the countries' government's permission replicate historic art pieces. The Masai collection from Tanzania is replicated by sculptor Stacy Byne in the United Kingdom. The exquisite silver work is done in Italy. Native Americans supply the E-Studio with 'dream catcher'- which is supposed to protect homes of the Native Americans from evil.

Another interesting story was about the German cuckoo clock which still works on 200 year old technology. The Black Forest region in Germany is extremely cold for four months in the year. As the families cannot go out to work they spend their time carving the cuckoo clocks which operate by the weight mechanism without the dependence on a battery. A huge ship model of the famous Atlantis occupies  center stage at the E-Studio , which a the living ship having consistently won the  American cup since 1906.

In addition the King Louis XIV's baroque style chandelier gleamed with its exquisite Belgian crystals. Other periodic art pieces like center tables from the Elizabethan era, gladiator helmets, 17th century pistols, periodic furniture is also on offer. The coveted Ormolu range known not just for the finest porcelain but also for its hand painted and brass embellishments are other delectable offerings at the E-Studio.

"We are not in this business to make money but to cater to the needs of genuine art lovers. We have items to suits small pockets starting from Rs 600 and goes up to lakhs and even crores." said Girish Mulchandani, Store Manager.  

E studio International caters to its clients all over India. The products are very well packaged and delivered to various cities in India. The delivery cost is kept minimal around 5 % on the price of the product. Sonu is working on an online sales gallery to provide service to art lovers around the world. Some of their reputed clients include Dr Reddy's Office and the UB Group. NRI clients visiting Bangalore are the regulars here.  
E studio International
1132, 1st Floor, Above VGP Showroom,
100ft Road, Indiranagar, Bangalore 560038
Tel: 0091-80-41154792

Studio Hours are Monday through Sunday 10:00 am. To 9:00 pm.

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