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Fashion un“veil”ed

The concept of high fashion can go far beyond shedding clothes! Wearing classy clothes and following your religious beliefs can be done extremely fashionably too. Debolina Sengupta finds out more.

Through the veil two beautiful eyes looked at him mischievously. I felt the anticipation- she wanted to do something and was waiting for the opportunity. As the boy kept licking on the ice cream, she waited patiently. Then suddenly the ice cream was smudged on the boy’s face. They both laughed as he tried to lick the ice cream off his face- as far his tongue could extend. “Oppression?” I questioned myself. Then came a woman in a burqa.  Parked her bike in the parking lot and waited for her kids to finish their burger and ice cream. Once done, all three of them headed towards the movie theatre. I questioned again, “Oppression?”

Black is a must in any wardrobe. Its elegant, sexy and most importantly, a slimming colour. Burqas have always fascinated me. Not only because I love black but also because of the designs. A simple black “overcoat’ can come in so many varied designs. Black, as opposed to a lot of believes ceases to be boring when it comes to burqa. Though there are burqas that come in different colours, black is the most common. For a lot of people and activists, burqa or hijab is a sign of oppression and women should be “liberalized”. But if you look at it, burqa in Bangalore has become a major fashion statement.

Going shopping
There are burqa shops in nearly all major shopping areas, where you will get burqas in different designs and materials- a few even imported from Dubai and other Arab countries. There are burqas that look like long overcoats too and are fitting, unlike the conventional loose fit ones. These ones come in jeans too. Burqas made of net, embroidered, silk, there’s all of that and they are extremely pretty. Scarves have gone beyond conventional black though- they are available in all colours and beautiful prints. These days, when I see a woman wearing a hijab and a burqa, they do not looked oppressed at all- they are confident and self made women of the 21st Century. I distinctly remember seeing a woman in a go karting track in a burqa too.


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