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Glamour speak with Gauri and Nainika

Fashion designers Gauri and Nainika Karan created ripples in the industry with their ready-to-wear brand of glamorous western wear for women. MyBangalore spoke to Gauri Karan about growing up, niche fashion and inspirations. Excerpts from the interview.

You and Nainika both studied Economics and then transitioned to design. How did that happen?

I think from the very onset Nainika and I knew we wanted to do something creative. But our parents were very keen on us pursuing economics for our Degree. I guess they just wanted us to follow our passions but have something to fall back on.

Your label primarily designs western silhouettes, was that a conscious decision?

Absolutely! We always wanted to do glamorous eveningwear! Most of the designs being done in India are mostly Indo-western, fusion and authentic Indian wear. It was something of a novelty in India when we did come up with this western glamour. We now love to infuse western style glamour with Indian sensibilities. It was void we were filling. Nainika and I were very interested and excited about doing this.

Where would you say your Label gets its inspiration from?

We have so many inspirations really. It’s mostly the Old Hollywood feel that drove us to design. All the old Audrey Hepurn movies. The old actors, with the effortless glamour, romance, spunk and innocence. Our mother was also very glamorous, and when we were growing we saw her in large sunglasses, tight trousers and fitted shirts with red lipstick, She was very bold with a very strong personality. She was western yet Indian and feminine.

Can you name any particular art/book or personality that has inspired you the most?

New Look by Christian Dior from the early 50's. Matisse in terms of colours. We have been inspired films, music, colour, the changing times. We're constantly looking for inspiration from things around us.

How do you combine classic with contemporary?

Our silhouettes are contemporary and we keep in mind the modern women and the older styles. We love keeping our styles Classic as it can never goes out of Fashion.


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chandru4484 Mar 01st, 2009 04:03 PM

the pics are really nice....
but it could be awesome if babes would have wear SS.....~

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