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Gone are the days when you used inexpensive products for your pets. The new age mantra for pet grooming is pet care at a 'pet salon', My Bangalore tells you more.

Shampoos, conditioners, lotions could be as much a part of your pet’s life as yours. Pet care and grooming is big business and Bangalore city has as many as 10 pet salons that will help your pet to look good. At Windward Kennels and you can choose a grooming session or a trimming session for your pet. “Trimming is a specialized service that we offer to long- haired dogs usually. On request, though, it can be paired with a regular grooming session comprising a bath and complete cleanup” says Preeti of Windward Kennels. The basic grooming package is most popular amongst pet owners and Windward Kennels offers that for a cost of Rs.1000 for a single sitting. An extra amount is charged if you want trimming to be paired with grooming package. “Charges for trimming vary from dog to dog. It basically depends on how hairy the dog is its temperament and of course the effort that goes into grooming the animal”, adds Preeti. At salon Cessna Lifeline a simple trim would cost you in the range of Rs.550 and Rs.850 rupees.   

Ear cleaning, nail clipping and flea removal fall under the standard grooming procedure. But several salons have gone a step further to offer something extra to the pets. “Apart from a grooming section we have a spa section as well” says Sherry Daroch of Shevar. So how is a spa treatment different from grooming? “A massage is inevitably a part of a spa session. We have a variety of oils including coconut, olive and aromatherapy. A single sitting lasts for about 40 minutes.” But that’s not all. Once the massage is over, your pet can take rest for 15 minutes and then take a bath. “Unlike the grooming session, effects of which owners can see right away, the spa session is more abstract. Shevar offers pet owners a 10 minute CD featuring the spa session, giving them a chance to see their pets get pampered” points out Sherry. Be ready to shell out anywhere between Rs. 2000 and Rs.3000 for a pet spa session. 

Pet grooming and styling is a tricky area and some salons prefer to keep it unconventional. Shevar has gone a step further by adding dental care on its itinerary. The salon offers gross cleaning, plaque cleaning, finishing and polishing. “The dental care segment requires animals to come for three sittings where the procedures are taken up one after the other” Sherry says. Every time your pet goes through a dental routine, it would set you back by anything between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000. 

The latest that has taken the pet grooming scene by storm are the special birthday packages. City pets can definitely hope to have more fun with the birthday grooming sessions. While tassels and ribbons are popularly with pet owners, birthday caps and accessories with bling are also in big demand. In case you want a birthday makeover for your pet, the amount you’ll need to splurge can be anywhere between Rs.2000 and Rs.3000. 

Fashion conscious pets (or their owners) can contact-

Phone number- 91 080 9880176610 (Sherry Daroch); 91 080 9845435066

(Varun Daroch)
Windward Kennels
Phone number- 91 080 9845441251 (Preeti) 

Cessna Lifeline
Phone number- 91 080 98452 18324 (Sonia Malpani)
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