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Hair to stay for 2009

Here is a glimpse of the latest hairstyle trend of 2009. Your guide to what's Hot and happening this year.

This season's hair mantra is high on style and low on maintenance. The 'Bob' which was very popular last year is also the hottest choice for 2009. The short cropped Bob is a wash and go style that requires little styling. A good example is the stunning pixie cut that adds volume to thin powerless hair. A Full face with high cheek bones looks ravishing in this cut. The super cool Rihanna traded length for sophistication and created ripples with this hairstyle. "Nowadays short easy manageable hairstyles have gained immense popularity among women. A lot of celebrities prefer short hairstyles making it very fashionable and 2009 will see a lot 'pixies' and variations of the Bob." says Sharada Vishwanath Hairstylist and owner of 'Talking headz' salon.

The classic bob is quite trendy and frames the shape of the face. This style also
adds structure to a round face where the bangs elongate the face and help break up the roundness. The angled bob is also among one of the hottest hair trends to watch out for in 2009. The best thing about angled bob hair is that it can look great on everyone irrespective of the shape of their face. The length of the Bob typically end's around the shoulders and can also be grown longer depending on one's preference. According to hairstyle expert Jasmine "Bob style is going to be a sure hit this year with layered texture and a short sleek look. Luscious Curls are in to add the glamour quotient. And if you want the hair to remain set through out the day do not forget to apply shampoo, conditioner and serum to your hair regularly."

One style that is back with a bang is the retro curls. Star like Katherine Heigl and Beyonce are showing us how it's done by styling their tresses the retro way. This hairstyle is quite elaborate but once done you will be left with big retro curls, perfect for any occasion. "It is great to see that people are so excited about their curls once again. It is mainly the influence of the celebrities but curls also have their own appeal" says Shwetha, hair stylist at Talking Heads salon. Bangs also continue to be big this season as well with a slight variation. This season, long hair and the flat plain look have taken a backseat. The biggest hair trend for 2009 is the bob and the shorter the better.


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