Breakthrough in Pacemakers; now MRI proof

A breakthrough innovation by US based medical device company, Medtronic, has now made MRI scanning possible for patients with pacemakers implanted.

Booster Juice on World Youth Day

Booster Juice is a serious promoter of not just health & fitness but also young talent and has signed up country’s young ...

Are Bangaloreans prone to nightmares? Doctors give the answer

Dreams and nightmares are not the once-in-a-while thing anymore, not at least for Bangaloreans. Depression, sleep disorder, alcohol addiction, work schedule is ...

Bangaloreans’ take on hangovers

It’s that time of the year when people don’t have to try hard to find one of those roaring parties in the ...

Mummies from the city go online with, a newly launched website seeks to offer Bangalore's mothers', easy access to a support system and networking tool.

Bamboo Bicycle makes cycling more eco-friendly!

An eco-friendly bicycle has been designed and hand crafted by Vijay Sharma, a Bangalore-based designer

Sankara Eye Hospital's ‘Nayantara’ on World Disability Day

A forum to support parents of visually challenged children

World’s largest Graffiti Board on World AIDS Day

It was December 1, the World Aids Day, and Bangalore just got a whole new reason to enter its name in the ...
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