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It can't get better than this! Lazy bookworms can now just log on, browse and order your books to be home delivered within 24 hours. All thanks to

Your favourite cuisine is  home delivered, during an emergency medicines have also come to your doorstep, and on a stay at home Saturday night you have also had your favourite film home delivered. Life has become simpler for Bangaloreans and now even books will be home delivered to you. All you have to do is log on sign up and order, within 24 hours the book will arrive at your doorstep – at a small affordable price of course. is the brainchild of Vani Mahesh who decided to club two of her passions- books and technology. After having completed her MS abroad, Vani worked for seven years in the States. The idea of an online library took shape on her return to India as she always wanted to start something of her own. 'On my return to India, the internet was still shaping slowly. I wanted to do something on my own, something related to e-commerce. The idea of was not born overnight. It took me a lot of time to hit upon this idea of an online library.' says Vani of her initial efforts to start  
'I'm a voracious reader and wanted to start a library of my own someday. After this idea there was more work to do before starting the site. We had to find the right portal name, get that registered and source books and more.' Having worked with IBM for three years, Vani's experience with IT helped in the launching The site was launched in 2001 where people got to know about it word of mouth. 'It was mostly our friends and people from the IT industry who knew about it initially and passed the message around. Later on we put up fliers in different companies and more people became aware of the existence of' adds Vani.

Having started with just 3,000 books now the library has grown to stock 18,000 books in all genres of fiction, non fiction and children's book. Presently there are 2,500 members who are a part of the library. The membership fee for a year is Rs 750 where Rs 500 is the refundable deposit. On borrowing a book you will have to pay 10% of the book's value. For those who want to get their books home delivered would have to start their membership with a minimum balance of Rs850. delivers books anywhere in the city, to your home or office within 24 hours of having reserved your book online. You can borrow any number books, but can retain the books for two weeks. For those who still prefer book grazing the racks at a library also have an option of walking into their spacious two storied library at Koramangala. also has regular story telling sessions for kids and also writers meet which are held in the premises of the library. The story telling session for children are split into two age groups of 5 -8 years and 8 years and above.  

For more details on the library and their activities log on

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sharonath Mar 21st, 2011 02:14 PM

Dear sir 
Sir my name is sharonath I’m from Sri Lanka. I’m qualified in MCP (Microsoft certified professional), MCTS (Microsoft certified Technology specialist), MCITP (Microsoft certified IT professional) as well I completed in LINUX administration. I have a 1 year working experience as well. Now I conduction BSC (British computer society ) 
Place very kind of you. Can I have some information how to register also how to get the magazine too 

chetan Jun 08th, 2010 02:24 PM

those looking for options in south bangalore... i am a member of mylib ( library in Jayanagar ... enjoy! 

Navin A p Feb 16th, 2009 07:14 PM

This is a gold mine of a post, thank you.

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