IIT for Bangalore: Possibly or Not!

Karnataka is now demanding and IIT, after it lost its chance. But this time round the Centre is being skeptical. A city that loves technology almost as much as its entertainment deserves another chance at getting its own IIT.

The State Government has asked the Centre for and IIT, the coveted Indian Institute of Science. Central authorities are being damp squibs as they claim there already is an Indian Institute of Science and the State does not need an IIT.

A former ISRO chairman, UN Rao told a leading daily that IISc could never replace and IIT. He believes that the IISc is a premium institute but mainly for docotoral and post-graduate courses. A technical institute at the graduate-level was something only the quality and standards of and IIT can provide.  

Mr. Rao went on to emphasize the presence of an IIT in the city would mean brand equity for the city as well as the institute and having an elite school like and IIT could only benefit the city. An institute like the IIT allows lakhs of students to take the challenging entrance exams from where the cream are chosen.

"An IIT is required in a place which has many industries. The industries can address the major issue of quality education; they can be the places from where we get professors. Moreover with technology making progress almost every day, students need industry exposure on a regular basis. So a place like Bangalore is ideal for housing an IIT," he further added.  
TRIVIA: The Karnataka Government was approached by a group of Germans in the late 195o’s to start a technical engineering college with Aid  in the form of financial assistance and technical expertise from UNESCO, the United States as well as the United States. At that point of time, government was not interested and we lost out to Chennai, where the college was set up."If there is political will, I can see IIT happening in Bangalore within two years. They must identify land and place and then can immediately start," Rao said.
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