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India Coffee House

As the India Coffee House on MG Road moves closer to becoming a fond memory, MyBangalore explores what this means for the staff and the regulars.

What you see is what you get with mirrors on the wall reflecting young couples and secret smiles, a motley crew and copious coffee and omelettes, the friendly turbaned staff and constant footfalls and chatter. Regulars making up the fabric of India Coffee House on MG Road. In a matter of a few weeks now, these constants will change drastically as the Coffee House moves to Avenue Road.

The India Coffee House in Bangalore was founded in 1958 by P. Subbaih and Channaraya Reddy of the Indian Coffee Workers Co-operative Society. In 2002-2003 this long relationship with the city was suddenly thrown into a legal battle. The owner wanted the building back in order to renovate it and the Coffee House has since then tried to retain its place of popular business. Mahesh, General Mananger of the Indian Coffee Workers' Co-op  told  “as per the court order we need to vacate by the 28th February 2009, but we are hoping Mr. John Thambhu Chetty agrees to allow us to retain the space for  a few more months. The Avenue Road Coffee house is presently being renovated extensively, and this also allows us some time to possibly look for another place around MG Road, that will also be affordable. We hope some fans of the Coffee here are able to help us out.”


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Navin A p Feb 02nd, 2009 05:07 AM

Interesting post with good photographs. Its sad to read about this coffee shop which brings fond memories back, wish it would all work out well.

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