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Introduction To Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is an ancient science and art of energy healing that has been adapted and systematized by the founder of modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, Grand Master Choa Kok Sui. It has been used to heal countless people through the ages and is based on the simple principle that every living being possesses the inborn ability to heal itself. Pranic Healing simply enhances this healing process by increasing the life energy of the affected part as well as the whole body. This energy is called 'Prana' (life-force) in Sanskrit.

There is a lot more to Pranic Healing than just the healing part. It makes you aware of the aura around the human body - the 'chakras' (energy centers) and their effects on our health. By learning about energy, we become more conscious about its ubiquitous presence, be it in people, buildings or even objects.

Just by recognizing the existence of energy, we learn the possibilities of the healing process and bring in harmony and productivity to every aspect of our lives. Pranic Healers around the world use Pranic Healing for their businesses, homes, relationships, projects and studies with fantastic results.

Pranic Healing also teaches Pranic Breathing, a practice by which you literally breathe and balance your energy helping achieve deeper levels of physical, emotional and mental relaxation. A dynamic meditation called the Meditation on Twin Hearts for Peace and Illumination is another dimension of Pranic Healing that enables rapid spiritual growth by enhancing our spiritual connection with our soul (our divine nature). Regular practise of the Meditation on Twin Hearts also leads to reduced stress, better health and enhanced intuition. In conjunction with Pranic Healing, Meditation on Twin Hearts has also shown increased academic performance, athletic skills, behavioral functioning, improved memory and overall improvement in school and job performance.

Healing can be done for an entire spectrum of diseases from a simple cold or fever to major physical illnesses like eye, liver, kidney and heart problems and even psychological ailments like depression, mania, addictions etc.

Many a time health has been defined as “ not merely an absence of disease but a state of well being” . So even for those who don’t have any visible physical and emotional illness it offers improved health and increased stamina, inner peace and happiness, better memory and concentration, rapid spiritual growth, reduced stress, better interpersonal skills, greater self-esteem, attaining the ability to attract good luck and become more prosperous, improved family and interpersonal relationships - Regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts has shown improved and enhanced relationships. It has proven to save marriages and relationships that were falling apart.

So come experience it for yourself, for some wise men have said “Pratyasham kim pramanam” –There is no better proof than what you can see with your own eyes and experience for yourself.


Free healing camp at “Ranga Mandira”-  National Games Village, Koramangala- 27th April to 3rd May. For any queries please contact 9986334108 or 9972621543 between 10 am to 7 pm.

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