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Kinvah Manthan in Bangalore

More reasons to be merry! Bangalore based wine producer launches premium red wine created especially to match our rich Indian Cuisine.   

Bangalore-based Nandi Valley Winery, producer of premium wines under the flagship brand ‘Kinvah’, has launched a new wine Kinvah Manthan in Bangalore. The wine has been produced in collaboration with international Wine Maker and Oenologist Luca Patricelli and made from premium quality French grapes grown in the apt climate of Bijapur.  

Kinvah Manthan is the result of blending four different, premium grape varietals including Merlot, Zinfandel, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon, which lend this rich wine a unique and pleasant taste. Endowed with a delicate aroma, this deep, ruby coloured wine is sweet and fruity on the palate. Best served at 16-18 degree centigrade for a real rich experience, it is recommended to allow the wine to breathe for an hour before consuming.  Kinvah Manthan pairs well with heavy potato based dishes with rich masalas, tandoor roasted seafood, vegetables and meat. A perfect companion for Indian food, this wine is available across wine stores and supermarkets in Bangalore and can also be ordered online on

Apart from Kinvah Manthan, Kinvah Wines’ repertoire includes the Red Wines- Kinvah Shiraz, Kinvah Cabernet Shiraz, and White Wines – Kinvah Sauvignon Blanc and Kinvah Sauvignon Chenin Blanc. Extreme care has been taken to ensure that the texture, colour, taste and aroma of Kinvah are all perfect and the wine lover is presented with wines of the very best quality.

Nandi Valley Winery: Nandi Valley Winery is a Bangalore-based wine producer catering to wine producers and novices alike with an array of exquisite wines through its flagship brand ‘Kinvah’. Launched in October 2008, Kinvah is already among the highest selling brands in Bangalore.  With operations spread over a 250-acre vineyard located in Bijapur. Nandi Valley Winery is proud to have the able guidance of Wine Maker-Luca Patricelli an Italian Oenologist of rich experience and wide repute.
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