Ladies Night at BIA

The BIA now wants women to be able to work the night shift in their duty free shops.

The BIA has continuously been complaining about losses. The User Development Fee of Rs.260 was firmly put in place for all who are entering the BIA. Now, the BIA turns its attention to retail. Apparently, the duty free shopping at night has been bleak, since there is limited staff to help the customers with their purchases. Duty free is always popular with people wanting to pick up perfumes and other ladies accessories, either a last minute guilty purchase at the airport, or just a purchase to pass the time. Duty-Free shopping has come to the rescue of many travelers. Women employees normally tend the counters of perfumes, make-up and other accessories. At night the stores remain open but with a dearth of staff.

The Labour Laws in the state forbids women from working in the retail sector in the night shift. They BIA has approached the Labour Minister BN Bacche Gowda to allow women to work the night shift, in order to increase the inflow of foreign exchange and revenues for the airport. The FKCCI organized a meeting where Mr. Gowda said there was a possibility of special permission being granted for the exemption of the law, allowing women to work at the BIA in the night shift. So now, if this exemption does come through there could possibly be more jobs generated for women at the BIA?
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