Living lay-offs

It’s the end of the term for the second year students at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (IIMB). In the midst of hectic activity and presentations, these future managers are still not affected by the global meltdown. The summer placements are done and life is as usual. But students are not far from reality.

Shobith, a second year student says lay-offs are practical. “One can’t label it as right or wrong. But if companies cannot afford to pay salaries, what’s the point of keeping employees?” he reasons. So does brand IIM have an edge over other B-schools as far as placements are concerned? “The rigorous procedure of selection ensures that IIMs have the best of the lot,” he says trying to sound modest. He also points out that the dip in job opportunities in banking and finance might increase the demand for marketing courses.

While Shobith does not deny the affect of global recession, first year student Anshima does not agree. “The impact might be felt otherwise but as far as our summer placements are concerned, the prospects have been as good as last year,” she says. And Shobith agrees. “Our pay cheques are not going down. It’s just the number of people companies want to recruit.

Discussions are on in full swing about the wisdom in taking a sabbatical from jobs and go  higher studies. But the experienced are quick to point out that though this maybe a good option for those who haven’t got their dream job as yet, it would be unwise to do so for those who are working already.

And as arguments rage on about global meltdown, recession and lay-offs, it’s business as usual for the country’s premiere institution.
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