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If methods of teaching at regular schools do not enchant you anymore, it’s time you headed toward an international school with your ward. Sunanda Pati shows you the way.

Chasing an international qualification is a dream nurtured by many. Putting the focus on Bangalore takes one to schools as old as the Bangalore International School and even to much newer ones like the Indus International School. The city of Bangalore has always had a way with international schooling; an occurrence well explained by the innumerable international pre- university institutions that dot the city. Mallya Aditi International School, Canadian International School and Jain Residential International School are some of the top international schools the city has seen.

Education at international schools is availed mostly by children of foreign nationals. But that doesn’t mean Non- Residential Indians (NRIs) or even natives who want their children to take advantage of the best, are outside the loop. While foreign students make their way into these schools in thousands, resident Indian students too pledge their support for the unconventional ways of teaching and learning here.

There are various reasons why education at international schools has caught up in popularity. The most obvious amongst them is the fact that students find it easier to apply for a foreign University degree after they undergo pre- University education at such an institution. What differentiates them from regular schooling is their approach towards education and a life of work after that. Apart from classroom teaching, most of these schools indulge in interactive sessions with students so that they get further capacitated aptitude wise. The curriculum usually involves music, theater, traveling and power sports like swimming and horse riding.

If there’s something that’s stopping people from sending their wards to international schools in the city, then it is undoubtedly the cost involved in the process. Most of the international schools in Bangalore can charge you anywhere between one and three lacs every year. Though they are usually affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), some of them like Bangalore International School come with an International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) tag, regulated by the University of Cambridge. 
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