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With the onset of the New Year it's also time to review what's happening this season. finds whats "IN" for 2009, from the studio of renowned makeup artist Gouri Kapur.

2009 is the year of effortless makeup. Women today are busy with families, work and social commitments. With little time for an elaborate makeup regime, the trick lies in figuring out the colours that will suit their skin tone and investing in essentials that busy ladies can quickly apply and be good to go. give you an expert “Know how” on how to get your make-up just right.

Day Time make up:

Face: Concealer is the most essential item for day time make up. It should be the exact colour of your skin tone. Apply the concealer to cover the marks, dark circles and uneven patches on the face, ensure you blend the concealer well so that your skin does not look patchy. Do not use foundation during the day as it tends to make the skin look over done or patchy.

Eyes: Make up for the eyes should always accentuate the shape of the eyes. Kohl, eyeliner, eye pencils, eye shadows and mascara are your essentials for the eyes.

For big round eyes the Kohl is the 'in' thing. Eyes penciled in with a Kohl pencil is enough for the day. You can the save eyeliner for the evening.

The 'almond' is the perfect eye shape. Eyeliner makes them vibrant. You may or may not use kohl depending on how much liner you are going to use.

QUICK TIP: For small eyes use a white eye pencil on the insides of your eyes, it helps to open up the eyes

Eye shadows are in vogue. Use neutral eye shadows like pastel shades, pinkish browns and peachy pinks for the day. These palettes go with most skin tones.

QUICK TIP: If you are using 2 shades of eye-shadow remember to use a lighter shade to the inside of your eye, while the darker shade goes towards the outer part of the eyelid.

Mascara is a must for eye-lashes. No eye makeup is complete without the mascara. Use mascara generously. Incase you have straight lashes use a lash curler.

QUICK TIP: Remember to blend your make up well.

Cheeks:  Stick to skin tones and fresh pinks, and peaches or very muter browns.

For a Round Face, to create slenderness ensure you apply the blush sideways upwards and away from your nose, on the cheekbones. Also apply a touch of colours to the lower part of your face or both sides of the chin. Again this helps make the face look slimmer.


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