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Known as the city of pubs, Bangalore has more drinks than just alcohol. Debolina Sengupta takes a whiff at the caffeine infested drinks and the culture around them.

Caffeine in Bangalore
Did you know that Bangalore has more that 3000 coffee shops? Though these shops are mostly dominated by Café Coffee Day and Barista outlets, being a major producer of coffee itself, Bangalore boasts of its own strong coffee. The small coffee vendors on the roadsides brew awesome coffee too. The south Indian strong brew of coffee is well known through out the world. The Coffee board near GPO on Infantry Road does a good job too. More than just keeping the coffee production area open to public, the Coffee board also has a coffee shop in its premises which is a definite favourite for a lot of college goers and authentic coffee lovers in Bangalore. Though you might not get taste of the exotic frappes and lattes here, the raw flavour of strong coffee is a sure kick for caffeine addicts. In the sub-urban and rural areas, being welcomed with a steel glass full of hot steaming strong coffee is a common site.

Sunalini N Menon, the first Asian woman professional coffee taster is from Bangalore and today runs a successful private company called Coffeelab Private Limited. Sunalini being an international face in the coffee circuit has catapulted the taste of Bangalore coffee to a global audience. Non-coffee lovers who are a little bent towards tea need not fret. The coffee bars do provide a whole range of teas too. Infinitea on Cunningham road is the first tea bar in the city and has the choicest of teas for tea lovers. With snacks and a range of other fruit based drinks, these coffee and tea joints surely attract a wide range of people in the city.

Small joints
By the time the sun hides behind the horizon it is a pleasant sight to see a lot of single-stool coffee shops opening up around parks and bus stops. People get a small stool on which you will find a steel flask and a couple of plastic cups with packets of cigarettes. These are places to get the taste of pure south Indian strong coffee. A cup of coffee comes cheap here and is surely a relief for hard working office employees who are on their way back home. Smoke and caffeine is a great combination for these people. With the recent smoking ban in progress it will be interesting to find out what happens to these small coffee joints.


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