Nature in "Sacred Spaces"

Posted by Staffreporter  |  20. January 2009

Artist Shiani Dugar recent works at Mahua Art Gallery plays with the moods and colours of nature.

New York based artist Shivani Dugar is in the city for her first solo show "Sacred Spaces". Inspired by all things nature her works are on exhibit currently at the Mahua Art Gallery till the 27th of January. 

A native of Kolkata, Shivani grew up in Bangalore. It was after completing her degree in finance from Washington D.C that she gave in to her 'inner calling' and enrolled at the Pratt Institute in New York for her Masters in Fine Arts. Since then there has been no looking back.  

Previously Shivani has had successful shows in New York, Washington and Brooklyn. She has also taken part in an Indian of group show at Mahua Art Gallery where her works were displayed alongside prominent artists like Anjolie Ela Menon, Shyamal Dutta Ray, S.G. Vasudev, and Dipak Bannerjee. She is one among many Indian artists whose works have been showcased at RL Fine Arts, New York since the gallery’s opening in 2005.

Shivani's work illustrates nature in its brilliance and illusiveness. It brings out the multitude in nature and captures the different moments of the day. Her abstract creations bring out wash of tones and strong mark-making which she had mastered through the technique of Printmaking. Her style leads the mind to into the mysteries of nature with a sense of obscurities and then lets one ponder and draw their own conclusion.

The series "Sacred Spaces” has drawn its inspiration from her spiritual experiences, and most of her display evolves around the concept of the elements found in nature – air, fire, earth, water, and space. The exhibition makes one journey from the musky warm tones of darkness into a creamy light. Inspired by the great master V.S. Gaitonde, her works reflect a quietness and serenity which is spontaneous.

The 13 pieces of work exhibited in the Mahua Art gallery is a royal interplay of colors of nature captivating one's imagination with the sunlight in its orange majesty,  the evasive fog playing in the misty morning in The Ghats,  the lush forests or a suggestive lyricism of the whistling winds.

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