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Parents in Bangalore can now travel abroad with their children for months without worrying about whether the kid will get admission in the same school on return. 

Getting your child admission in a good school in Bangalore is difficult. Once you succeed in acquiring one for your child you would not want to lose it easily. But what if one has to travel abroad on an official project for a year or two and have to take the family along? Parents are worried that their child will not get admission back in the same school after return. But now you can put your mind at ease as many prominent schools in the city are allowing parents to block their child's seats for two years — at a price of the course. 

"My daughter's school was very cooperative when I requested them to book her seat for 18 months as my husband had to go back to Germany on a project for that period of time. I paid the course fee for one and half years and my daughter went back to the same school after our return." Said Elvira, whose daughter is in the 7th grade of an international school in Bangalore.

Some schools have the ‘suspended status of admission’ program where a child's seat is blocked for that academic year, the full term fee is collected and the seat is kept on hold. Most schools are now making provisions for such requests from parents who cannot afford to leave their children back when they are traveling abroad. 

"It is not a rule as such to book seats but the facility depends on the severity of the situation. The school is not stringent about such things. If the situation demands the approval of such requests we try to be supportive and understanding and do as much as possible." said The Principal of Inventure Academy.

Often parents block seats for long time projects but the quota for these requests in most schools are kept to a minimum of two to three per class. "We get several requests from parents who have to relocate elsewhere temporarily for an official purpose. But all requests cannot be obliged to. Students who have been in the school for a long time with good overall record are mainly allowed this provision." said the spokesperson for Sophia High School. 

However there are some schools that ask parents not to pay the fee and apply once they get back and do not encourage the booking of seats. These schools also get such requests and bend their rules according to the situation but their preference is for those traveling abroad to those who are transferred within India.
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